The Liam Miller Charity Match


Am very disappointed withe the GAA for backing down to media, social and political pressure.
I have no issue with Liam Miller, nor of the financial situation of his widow and family but I do know a lot of GAA former players who have hit hard times.
It’s not so long since a former Dublin player had to sell his All Ireland medals.
There are also many lads out there suffering from injuries picked up playing for club and county…but no money to help them get medical assistance.
Soccer need to sort out THEIR mess and start to behave like a professional organisation.
How much did FIFA make from their recent trip to Russia? How much did Ireland get from the Handball game versus France?

I assume we will next have the IRFU looking to “borrow” Croke Park to stage a game for injuried rugby players?
Preceded of course by a game with some chaps running around with oversized hockey sticks to keep the natives happy?


Well they have the Aviva so probably not …
Whats happened here is simply demand has exceeded the allocation of turners cross . So it was logical to seek a bigger ground . There shouldn’t be any ill will between the organizations .Its an archaic rule anyway .A testimonial or charity game should never have been hosted in such a small ground anyway considering the lineup they have . It will set a precedent going forward anyway which can only be a good thing .
Its also alot of hassle the Miller family could have gone without while they are still probably grieving .


Which raises the questions…How often? What is and is not a worthy cause? Which grounds? What are the issues of damage to pitches? How much of a gap between the charity games and real games? Do charity games get priority over club or school finals? Etc etc etc


Cross that bridge when we get to it.
But for ever more , PUC will be open to such events . Sure they moved an AI semi final out of Croker to accommodate a college American football game . Who knows what they are capable of.


This has the potential to put clubs under huge pressure to allow grounds be used for any half excuse and every anti gaa head will be looking at this as an opportunity to attack the GAA.


Big mistake on their behalf. I’ve just browsed through the Sports Capital grants programme list and there are LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of organisations who limit access to “Outsiders” who could find themselves coming under pressure.


This whole controversy shows that there are potentially serious issues coming down the line and there is also a danger of precedent in this decision. There is anger among good GAA people and it is understandable. They were dragged into something that had nothing to do with them and vilified in the process. A social media storm was raging for 4/5 days before the GAA were ever approached - crazy!

The soccer crowd get off scott free. Nobody questions their gross incompetence at every level which leaves them in situations like this one. The narrative that everybody should have access to GAA facilities because of grant aid is both dangerous and disingenuous. Above any other sporting organisation the Govt can be in no doubt that every cent given to CLG comes back to them in huge multiples in terms of what it does for communities the length and breadth of this country. No other organisation is remotely comparable.

Also consider, how much revenue did Croke Park generate today. Tomorrow. Next week. The week after. It is really unfortunate to see politicians go down this road - especially ones who grant aid very wealthy sports and clubs that are far more guarded and private with their facilities - and membership - than the GAA ever were.

There is a concern now that the ‘soccer crowd’ will consider that all GAA grounds are available to them if they want them. So they can continue to do that they always did - cream money out of the sport and never mind the infrastructure - sure the GAA can provide that. Is that a totally unreasonable concern?

John Horan was right to bemoan interference. Politicians should be aware that GAA people vote too and don’t like being blackguarded or backed into corners that were never of their own making. Don’t like being blackmailed or told to be thankful for a few bob when the organisation is the very social fabric of rural Ireland and much of urban Ireland too. If there was no GAA there would be a hell of a lot more social and health investment needed in our communities The GAA have every right to be angry this evening and the twitter gobshites would do well to wake up and look at what really happened here.

The good GAA people here can be proud of how this was handled - under unfair, undue and uncalled for pressure. It is easy to throw around words like dinosaur but people who seek to protect what they have lovingly built for 135 years should be admired. The people who still operate prehistorically with no facilities, structures and lack of any self awareness of this are the real dinosaurs.


Sounds like the Social Media attack on GAA was used as PR stunt by FAI and some of its followers to hide what’s going on in Soccer. Didn’t see to much of a shit-storm in media by the paltry amount offered to LOI teams as a Wages Emergency fund…
Really sad thing about this is what started as an appreciation to Liam Miller’s family and his memory, by genuine people has been dragged through this.


Well said DUB09, we are the whipping boys for the soccer pigs in the media. It’s time GAA players and analysts grew a backbone and stood up for the organisation instead of using the lazy excuse of blaming croke park.


Well said, I had many discussions with people in work about this and listened to them talk of “Stupid antiquated GAA rules” but not only could none of them quote ANY section of the rule in question but none of them were paid up members of the GAA.

None of their business and they were promptly told to hurry along to Lifestyle Sports etc to splash out €60 to €100 on the latest jersey of their favourite English team in time for the new season so they can have their mates say gormless stuff like "He’s a hard core “Scouser”, “Manc” “Geordie” etc etc etc.



Very few grown men still follow the premiership do they? By follow I mean enough to buy/wear a jersey?


Yep, they dress up in the jersey and pop down to the pub with the notion that they are “Going to the game”. I once saw a brawl in a pub in Dublin between Irish Man Utd and Liverpool fans. Embarrassing.


Would you believe I saw one between Liverpool and week ham fans. Fierce rivals them too


It’s not unique to Ireland. English football has a huge following in Scandinavia,Asia , Africa and North America . Sad to see players leave great clubs like Dortmund, Ajax and join clubs in England who would nt be close to them in terms of history. Premier league is a money making monster.


Haven’t witnessed that is some time. Don’t have time for pints of a Sunday like I used to. Seems to never come up in conversation anymore when i’m out. Though Rugby had replaced it as the bandwagoners preference.


Lads the rights and wrongs of the FAI shouldn’t be up for debate . In summary the CEO earns more than the president of the USA and has helped run a domestic league into the ground. 5k people attend a preseason friendly between st pats v Newcastle while a normal league match is lucky to break 1k.

The salary of the international management team has to be funded by a business man with serious ethical issues in his background.

To quote one soccer cheerleader they are a cod. They were going to do all sorts since Italia 90 but in reality they pissed it all away and still rent their ground from IRFU.

If anyone thinks a load of over 40 former pros waddling around PUC is a threat to the Gaa they’d want to wake up.

If gaa let ed sheeran, American football and the pope rent/use their grounds on occasion then a fund raiser young a young family that lost there father isn’t the end of the gaa.

Could it have been handled better, yeah but it’s one thing in a long line soccer people in this country could handle better.


Agree @Liamo the best way to put people off soccer is to force then to sit through 90 minutes of it. :sleeping:


Wow…I am impressed by this post from the man spoke of humanity all week…JH will be proud you !


I wonder did Damien Duff stop to consider the irony in his attack on the GAA. He spearheads campaigns called ‘Street Football’ and ‘Wallball’.

Damien, the reason the kids are playing in the ‘street’ or against a ‘wall’ is because the FAI haven’t invested anything like the GAA have in terms of facilities for kids and clubs.

In Damien’s eyes though, Soccer is in the shite here because of Sony Playstation and the GAA. Good man Damien.


I’ve seen brothers fighting with each other in pubs over such games.