The Liam Miller Charity Match


Breheny writing about a controversy that is going on for 10 days. Fair enough … but the GAA were approached for the first time last Monday … 5 days. Megaphone diplomacy never works …


I’ll be disappointed if the GAA give into the social media mob. Asking for a portion of the gate to go to hard up GAA players will soften the cough of the millionaires staging this as the place will be less than half full with no atmosphere and the running of the stadium taken out of their paws.
The real unfortunate thing is it would have been a brilliant day for the Miller family to stage a fitting tribute to Liam in Turners Cross but now it’ll just be a circus and he’ll be an afterthought.
The more I hear the abuse from the Duffs/Richardson’s the prouder I am to be part of an association that the majority of the time looks after the small clubs in the small villages of this country and does its best and will never be perfect. And I’d rather have that than the cuckoos that look after the few at the top and whinge at every opportunity.
Where are the Miller family in all of this? Don’t ask because you’ll probably find that most people don’t really care as it’s a chance to watch a few lads they saw in the telly a few years ago and others to boost their profile that seems so important to them.


Touching me, touching you.


Uachtaran put in a hard place here but handled it well I think. There is a little battle to be played out which may have just begun. Important to stay ahead of it.


Confirmed for PUC on the 25th September. Hopefully those who have screeched blue murder and threatening rhetoric towards the GAA about this put their money where there mouths are.


From the BBC…


Celtic have games on the 23rd and 29th of September ( Not including a possible Champions League game) so it will most likely former players turning up.


That’s a disingenuous headline to say the least. That’s insinuating that the match wouldn’t be going ahead if it wasn’t held in PUC and implying the GAA were blocking it


That was always the case in fairness. It was always going to be a United Legends XI v Ireland/Celtic Legends XI


Given that the money is now being split between The Miller fund and a GAA fund it looks like it will require a full house to make it all worth while.


The sheer bad manners in asking for something that you know is difficult to give is astounding. Its like asking your neighbour to give you a lift somewhere even though you know he is in a rush. He has to do it because he doesn’t want to offend you and he has to live beside you.

Fair enough the match organisers asked because they thought they could raise more money, that bit is understandable, but going to the media about it then is the part that is applying the pressure. We will now have a shower of poppy wearing soccer eejits playing on GAA grounds when they themselves haven’t got a pot to piss in because they extract every penny from their own game to pay themselves. We then have the self promoting gobshites within the GAA like Sean Kelly, taking advantage of it. He managed to sell a book and get a cushy EU job from giving away Croke Pk, what will he get this time?

If this is about the money, then play it in the Aviva. If this is some sentimental thing about playing it in Cork - that is not the GAAs issue. They can’t be expected to facilitate everyone who would like such an event in their honour. It rarely happens for GAA people, let alone anyone else.

This is just horsesh*t populism and the GAA have fallen for it. We were told opening Croke Pk wouldn’t be the thin wedge but now we have the appalling vista that we were doing our best to promote Rugby by hosting their world cup and now we have Manchester United has-beens playing on GAA grounds.

The GAA is about an ethos, there is probably nothing that is more against that ethos then Manchester United type soccer shenanigans. Yes, the charitable nature of the event, is within our ethos - but I am really not sure if one thing over comes the other, especially as there are alternatives.


I did that once and he told me to fcuk off.


From the Independent:

"The GAA and the organisers of a fundraiser for the family of the late Liam Miller have agreed that the charity event can take place at Páirc Uí Chaoimh.

The event is expected feature a hurling game ahead of the clash between a Manchester United XI take on an Ireland/Celtic XI with the likes of Roy Keane, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs expected to feature.

The joint venture will see monies raised divided between the Miller fundraiser and a fund for seriously injured GAA players."



Watch the hot and bothered brigade use the latter as another stick to beat the GAA with now, the hurling match should be an interpro game between the pick of Leinster and Munster teams (although club commitments might scupper that).


Sounds like an attractive afternoon’s entertainment. A hurling challenge match followed by some 40 year olds trundling around. Normally you can’t get Cork people to go to anything short of an All Ireland final, are they really going to get more than 10000 at this ?


Probably will get a decent crowd as Irish people these days like the “Big Occasion”. They should have considered moving it to the weekend.


Is it really 3pm on a Tuesday?


No - it’s exactly 1.43pm on Saturday … :thinking:


Yeah, the old soccer lads have weekend work on TV telling the World how great they were.


What we are also going to get is interviews where the English players are continuously asked what they think of the hurling that preceded their game and aren’t we great lads altogether for having our own game. I couldn’t give a f**k what some under educated ex soccer player thinks of hurling…