The Liam Miller Charity Match


So not all the money will go to Liam Millers family & associated charities ?


Complete farce. You may look forward to LOI games in Parnell Park my chum


If I am ever refused entry to a nightclub / event because I don’t comply with the dress-code or rules I’m considering an appeal via social media and I expect a few Anti-|Nightclub hacks will row in beside me. I may even end up evicting the owners!!

Can any of you tell who said this…

“I put Liam Miller on the transfer list. He was late too often. I was sick of the excuses and I told him I’d had enough of it. His agent rang me to tell me that Liam lived on a busy junction and it was hard to get out.”


Keano , what exactly are you getting at here ?


Why would we allow the FAI thugs to borrow any stadium? They keep telling us they are the Professionals but they have no clue how to run a business. If you take in less than you spend you go BROKE…end of story. The LoI is a complete joke with at least two clubs currently in very serious trouble because of overspending as their management and overpaid players live the Dream.
Imagine the scenario where your neighbour doesnt bother to buy a car as he feels you are obliged to lend him your car any time he wants it. This is what the FAI want. They have in effect a lease on Landsdown Road. The second city has a soccer stadium smaller than most GAA county grounds.

The Liam Miller Band should have arranged the game for either Thomond or Landsdown Road or maybe in Manchester or Glasgow?

End of Rant


They’ve enough of a hump Thomand been the home of Munster rugby , couldn’t see them playing it there . Wonder would they have suggested the old PUC if it hadn’t been refurbed.
Think there might have a bit of embarrassment about facilities in Turners Cross for these former pros, hence moving it to PUC.


The humanity here is touching …


It was a pop quiz! You win.





Lets go back to the start…

Correct me if I am wrong / fill in the gaps:

Some group of people decided to have some events to raise funds for Liam Millers Family and at a later stage it was mentioned that some of the money would also go to a charity “After match costs”.

The game was set for Turners Cross but somewhere along the line somebody from the organisers approached Cork GAA to seek the use of PUC and were told that they were unable to give them access as it was against some specific rules of the GAA.

Then someone from the Soccer side went public and social media, GAA haters and a raft of people who know fook all about our rules and regulations got out the burning torches and pitchforks and decended on Croker.

Feel free to fill in the gaps…


The humanity here is touching …


What was the score again?


Jasus, what was the score of that other match???


The GAA are represented as the Woman in the Orange / red top, Irish Soccer is the teenage Girl…



Well done sir.

Just making sure you hadn’t forgotten.


In the event we meet in the semi I have a plane with similar banner planned to loop Croker a few times …


“Thy Kingdom come…Thy will be done”


Bet anything there’ll be bitching about the hurling game from those that wanted PUC opened up