The Liam Miller Charity Match


I’m sure Drogheda wouldn’t mind that, help out the neighbours and all that jazz …


Oh I know it would but if they’re wanting to go down that rabbit hole in relation to State Funding regarding PUC then they’d have to have the pitches like that. Just highlighting the stupidity of them using State Funding stick .


The agenda here is to set precedent for GAA pitches being open to FAI for any reason. Anyone who thinks that likes of Desmond and O’Flynn and O’Brien give a flying fart in the wind about cancer hospice needs to take a long look at themselves. Wouldn’t need so many charities if it hadn’t been for these creatures practically ruining the country, and they haven’t finished!


I got this from a mate…FAI and RFU got €191 million for this project from the Government.

In 2013, the FAI spent 9.55 million on their staff- and only 2 million on the Irish underage teams. !!


I would imagine that taxes received by the exchequer ( VAT etc. . ) because of the renovation of PUC would have at least doubled the € 30M grant received. See Leo Vradkar’s comments.

I am getting sick of every Tom Dick & Harry telling the GAA ( a very democratic organisation) they must let the game be played in PUC


No questions at agm, Delaney has a platoon of security goons at those to guarantee his authority is unquestionable. It’s outrageous behavior. What’s even worse is Fifa threaten to suspend Association’s who are investigated by their own government. Fifa don t want political interference so their own carry on remains untouchable. A farce all round.


And why not practice on the lovely hockey pitch in Wesley college. Just tell them Shane Ross said it was OK.


It has to be the Aviva for me, they got €191 MILLION from the Government.


There s a few hockey pitches there . I played in the astro 11 a side league soccer on th hockey pitch there.



You’re not helping there Stephen … but sure …


And the same clown in the programme complains about his teams ground conditions. You couldn’t make it up, an alleged professional group demanding that an amateur organisation hand over their property so that Billionaires on the committee can have a free ride.


Great Career Stephen…


They could have hosted the game…For a fee…

Oriel Park’s synthetic pitch is available to rent seven days a week.

If you would like to make an enquiry please contact the Oriel Park office on 042 3 **84

Cost of pitch hire:

• €140 for one hour
• €180 for 90 minutes
• €200 for two hours/match


That’s neither relevant nor is it the same Stephen Kenny that wrote the article


I stand corrected.



Can see the white flag already.


The latest twist apparently


Surrendered as expected. Not sure how they will get away with this without vote on the rule.

Fundraiser for injured players. We already have one, it is called the McKenna Cup and O’Byrne Cup and the other pre season games that bring in more people in two weeks than FAI in a whole season. Have they no self respect than to be bowing the knee to these people?