The Liam Miller Charity Match


I know a number of Families over the years who’s Father have lost their jobs and the Families were promptly kicked out by the Banks, Families who lost their sole earner to Cancer etc and NOBODY came calling to rescue them because they were not famous.

Cherish the children of the nation equally


There is nothing stopping you or me or anyone organizing a fundraising event of some sort to help out these “ordinary” families. For an ordinary joe soap you may not fill PUC but you might fill your local and raise a few grand.

To question where the funds raised are going is to imply it might not be going to a charity or the family and someone else is benefitting. That’s a huge leap to take with simply no evidence to back that up.

Are some on that list in this for good publicity? Im sure they are. As the old saying goes there’s no such thing as a totally selfless act. They may be on it for good publicity, or to feel good about themselves or whatever but who cares if it’s ultimately for a good cause?

So far the organizers and families motives have been picked apart, Liam millers financial situation questioned and a whole argument about the GAA v the FAI.

At this stage I wouldn’t be surprised if the family are just sick of it all as I’m sure they never wanted for any of the controversy this has generated. I also hope none of them ever stumble across this thread.


you can be sure that this thread is been held on whatsapp groups and discussion boards all over the country … why because it has been handled so poorly by the organisers who are taking a holier than thou attitude which stinks to me. They have no divine right to use PUC so should accept the decision either way and not sling mud.
Should the gates be opened probably yes … will they be proabably yes but the GAA will still be the bad guys and that is baffling to me


So I take it the answer was no?


A bit of clarity would not be unhelpful. When the organisers arranged the fixture they seemed to be intent on playing it at Turners Cross if the tickets are anything to go by. When did that change and why? Who made the approach to the GAA and when? What was their reaction to being turned down?

We still don’t know EXACTLY where the money is going, one source said that money would go to the Hospice after “Game Expenses”…What are they?


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Those who are complaining about the GAA and pointing out that they have “The Right” to be on GAA property because the GAA got grants need to be careful what they wish for.

I have been looking through the Sports Aid Capital grants and I’m now off to practice my sideline cuts with my new Hurl at my local Tennis and Golf clubs as they have received massive Government grants.


That’s just not cricket, old boy.


When donating to charity it’s always a good idea to know where it’s going and what percentage is actually going.


If I was arranging a charity event I would like all those taking part to not only contribute but also to pay all their own expenses. 100% should go to the charity involved and any deviation from that figure needs to be CLEARLY explained.

On a personal level I avoid giving to “So-Called” charities that have CEO’s on big salaries.



Some of these aren’t strictly charities in the traditional sense, they are outsourced service providers for the state with thousands of “clients” and staff. They are closer to a business than a charity although the state doesn’t fully fund them either and hence the donations/bucket shaking that has to go on.

A legacy of the under investment in services in this country over generations.


I worked years ago for company that organised various “charity” fundraising from scratch cards to gigs, and the charities received on average 20% of what was taken in after people were given their cut. Charities reckoned it was good deal as 20% of something is better than 20% of nothing, but it is massive scam. If you give some Amnesty person on street your credit card details less then 20 cent in your Euro is going to whatever bogus cause they are supporting these days.


I don’t always have an issue with this. Charity is a business after all. If they want to hire the best person to be CEO, they do need to pay them a somewhat competitive salary compared what else that person could go for.


I knew a lad who’s dad was a multi-millionaire (and lived outside of Ireland for half the year for tax reasons), who’s business was organising and promoting charity events.


Given the whole threatening rhetoric regarding PUC received State Funding. I wonder will Drogheda’s new ground be available to the Louth Senior team ?

I’m not against the use of PUC per se but merely pointing out the knock on effects if they use the ‘State Funding’ stick


Think I worked for him! Just look at the CRC racket. One year they took in something like 950k and gave the clinic ten grand. That’s no better than selling heroin in my view. CRC was great thing as it helped people move from rehab back into community and jobs. Shop in Leinster House was run by them and many of the porters had been there. I hope the people who were involved in stopping all of that die screaming.


Given that the pitches are less than 20 yards apart I see no reason why not :grinning:


Unlikely because in order for their pitch to facilitate GAA matches the pitch would have to be so big that it’d be a terrible soccer stadium.


That shop is now used by RTE to set up their live links and store equipment. Should have been kept open.