The Liam Miller Charity Match


I’ve been fairly silent on this BD as I’d love the game to take place in Pairc Murphy, but the names on the committee and the shit slingers that have joined this campaign to f u ck over the GAA have made it very difficult for me to support the move!

It’s not a charity event, it’s a memorial game for a servant of Irish soccer, and rightly so. It’s not about making money, if it was, then the names on that committee list could easily contribute the money without the bat of an eye lid to pay the gate of a full Pairc Frank. So therefor a game in Turners cross would be a great tribute.

This has taken on a much bigger mantra now, sadly, driven by some anti Gah clowns and some overpaid “journalists”

I hope the GAA tell them to take a leap. The committee of millionaires have not covered themselves in glory here. They are to blame, not the GAA.


On a personal level for Liam Miller’s family I would like to see this happen to their satisfaction. I am sure they did not want all the controversy this has created.

However I think the issue has been handled very badly by the organisers. As I understand it as late as yesterday, Monday, Croke Park had no formal request for the use of any GAA facilities for this event.

With some of the recent comment I also detect a change of mood among GAA people and others on this issue.

I hope lessons are learned. There are right and wrong ways to do things. There were and still are a lot of things done wrongly here.


Even if it goes ahead at PUC there’ll be a bad feeling on all sides. It might be better for everyone if it doesn’t.
In Ireland, no good deed goes unpunished.


Oh God, I hope they don’t stop us using their fantastic stadiums.

Off Topic - Kinda… Has anyone noticed that large numbers of soccer players who use the GAA pitches in Fairview Park on sundays despite all the soccer pitches being empty?

I have also noticed this in St. Annes Park and Bushy Park.

Mr. Parkes :grinning:


Why are you loitering around parks on Sundays?


The development squad players don’t pick themselves…That’s my excuse! :grinning:


Long time reader first time poster.

Without doubt the situation has been handled poorly by the organisers, it seems like they are requesting PUC very late in the day and putting the gaa in a very awkward situation.
On the other hand, given the nature of the event, the gaa could and maybe should have resolved this by opening up PUC once the request was made and not let it fester for thus long.
Some of the comments I have read on this topic have been unbelievable, it seems some people want to see the Miller familys bank account details before they will agree that the right thing to do is to move this charity event to PUC, some also questioning the motives of the organizors as if they may be in some way benefitting from this?!
The whole Fai v gaa or soccer v gaa bickering has always been and still is childish at best, this whole attitude of ‘the soccer folk are bad mouthing the gaa so I hope the match stays in turners cross’ is ridiculous and very narrow minded given the circumstances. I thought an event such as this would make people see sense for a change but obviously not


I don t want to see their account. But if I am asked to buy a ticket ( 50 euro) then it’s not unreasonable to ask where the money is going. We are being told it’s going to the Miller family. Now he was a professional soccer player for Sunderland man utd Leeds and Celtic and you would imagine he was wealthy from his career.Normally when charity events are on you are supposed to know where the cash is going , medical expenses etc . And for those who can t afford it I ve no problem contributing. But too many times people have been duped into parting with their hard earned money and it has not reached the destination people gave it for or its not for the cause you thought it was. Sympathy for the Miller’s on their loss absolutely. But some bloke canvassing on their behalf giving out vague details no thanks.


there is nothing on the website, which is a shame, but the organisers have said in the media it is to go to the family and to the hospice.

since that news is public you have to suppose that the family have been left with little or nothing, otherwise his widow would be out there saying they dont need it.

there are plenty of ex soccer players down on their luck finance wise for whatever reason, no matter what they earned in their day.


Maybe or maybe not and it may appear distasteful but 2 Derry city players have died in recent years and as players in the Loi you knew they were hardly better off than the average worker ( possibly worse ) . I m uncomfortable with the idea of this match tbh. As a tribute game fine , as a fundraiser for a hospice fine but in the manner it’s happening no .


i dont understand how you can be unconfortabel with the “idea” of this match. Either his family are on their uppers and so its a good idea, or they are not, and it isnt - but it has been put out there that they need this money.

I dont know how much LOI players get these days, I assume its a couple hundred a week and the full time ones have to sign on out of season, but some of them are part time and have other jobs.


I haven’t seen anyone suggest his family on ‘their uppers’ … People are just assuming this.

I also wouldn’t assume his family are ok with it all because they haven’t said anything. Maybe his wife doesn’t want any more attention drawn on herself or her family. Quite possibly she’s still grieving.

It’s also quite odd to me that none of Liam’s family are part of the organising committee. You’d imagine they’d have been very important stakeholders.

Call me cynical but it’s almost like the property developer heading up the whole campaign is seeking good publicity to help his own cause for future ventures.


I think it is very unfair to be commenting on the family in this way.


Spot on.

I have no idea what way they are financially (it’s none of my business) they could be ok or they could have a mortgage and medical bills out the ass, I don’t know. But more importantly his kids may have no idea that their dad was a famous footballer that maybe thousands of people will turn out to remember. There is more to this than simply money, It’s also a chance to remember a guy who was taken from his family way too early.

I’m absolutely in favor of the game going ahead in PUC if the crowd justifies it . I do have a pain in my hoop listening to and reading shite spouted by the usual GAA haters and trolls, but what is really grating is the ill informed claptrap from people who should know better.

Hopefully it can be resolved satisfactorily the sooner the better


I can’t see any way out of this that would involved holding the game in PUC.

Likes of O’Brien and Desmond and slum landlords mightn’t like, just as they don’t allow their employees to join unions, but GAA is a democratic organisation that requires a vote to change its rules. I know they are not used to that given their dodgy dealings with those in power. Must be a shock when someone doesn’t automatically roll over, although would not rule that out yet. Money talks.


Because I don t know what people are being asked to fund. That’s why I m uncomfortable with the idea. If the family are falling on hard times why don t some of his former colleagues not short of a few quid discreetly assist instead of causing the undignified circus currently happening which must be causing distress to the Miller family .


are you referring to my post?

there are a pile of posts in this thread which are suggesting there is something fishy about this. All I am saying is that this this is being publisised as charity match, and it is implied that as a benefit it is to help his family.

here is a piece from before all of the PUC stuff

The benefit match will see a Man United legends side face an Ireland-Celtic selection in Miller’s native Cork, and the game will be succeeded by a black tie gala dinner in Cork City Hall with all the proceeds going to help Miller’s young family rebuild their lives.


No not yours. I don’t want to get into this too much but I believe from a trusted source that there is no pot of gold here and I take that to be true.


That article is inaccurate anyway. The proceeds were due to be split between the family and various other charities according to reports afterwards.

That is exactly the issue some people have had with it. The details of the whole affair were purposely vague … who the ‘organisers’ were … What % of money was going to charity … to what charity exactly …

Also I think what galls with a lot of people is that … it was all organised and announced for Turners Cross and then the ‘organiser’s’ seemingly approached the GAA in Cork. There was no reason they couldn’t have done that long before they did. Unless they did that on purpose as has been suggested to put pressure on the GAA through the media (Denis O’Brien’s media … Newstalk and Independent… )


maybe im just willing to give the benefit (no pun honest) of the doubt. that article was from the 6th of july and it was all about turners cross, and it mentioned who was part of the committee. maybe afterwards they added on the hospice.

what certantly happened was that the chairman of it approached cork county board, who said they’d love to do it but they couldnt. that was leaked to the media last thursday and all of a sudden its madhouse. So, this thing was announced as a turners cross gig weeks before PUC was ever an issue. Maybe it was because the organisers suddenly realised that TC wouldnt take the demand and more money could be raised in PUC - but it sticnks that the outcome of the meeting was leaked. it could have just been left in TC and it was leaked simply to get the GAA to agree to it. Thats a poxy thing to do.