The Liam Miller Charity Match


I disagree. The accusation is a substantial one and in my opinion would be refuted if there was no truth to it


And 48 hours later it still hasn’t appeared? Why refute something that doesn’t exist?


That crowd out in Tallaght got a free stadium. FAI wouldn’t survive 6 hours without us eijits footing the bill. So any issue of “public funds” being misused is not one I see them pursuing.

Lots of things are publicly funded without people having the right to demand that they be used for whatever they want. Go up to your local post office and demand to open a bookie’s office. Brolly as usual hunting with the hounds.


Why allow a serious accusation linger?


Something along the lines of…
‘Are you in favour of the GAA declaring that this event does not conflict with the aims of the association and therefore PUC can/should be made available for this event? Yes or No?’


This keeps coming up everywhere but how is it bad PR?

Really how well this effect the GAA? Are sponsors going to pull out because of them not letting a charity match happen? Will playing numbers drop? Will charities stop asking for assistance and sponsorship?
I doubt it Regardless of the outcome.


As far as I can see his utterances are to do with the interpretation of the situation regarding possible breaches to State Aid rules. Again this is a matter of interpretation that could take years to prove/disprove - but ultimately if there were such issues they could have far reaching implications that would really not benefit anybody. It would be ironic if an organisation that is the very fabric of society in hundreds of our towns and villages was deemed to have received State Aid incorrectly.


I can answer that one for you…What they REALLY mean is that those who hate the GAA will continue to hate the GAA, simple really.


No there’s plenty of people with a lot of time for the GAA who are, to rob a phrase from Tony McGregor, none too plussed with the GAA over this.


I’d love to see ANY of them answering the simple questions about the approach taken by the Charity committee, the number of questions about the money and maybe ask if they ever discussed Rule 42 and if they were any of the one third who voted against the amendment to the rule.

These are the rules…

"(a) All property including grounds, Club Houses, Halls, Dressing Rooms and Handball Alleys owned or controlled by units of the Association shall be used only for the purpose of or in connection with the playing of the Games controlled by the Association, and for such other purposes not in conflict with the Aims and Objects of the Association, that may be sanctioned from time to time by the Central Council.

(b) Grounds controlled by Association units shall not be used or permitted to be used, for Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, or for Field Games others than those sanctioned by Central Council.

(1) Central Council shall have the power to authorise the use of Croke Park for games other than those controlled by the Association.

(2) Central Council shall have the power to authorise the use of Croke Park and other Stadia for games in the Rugby World Cup 2023 or 2027, if this Tournament is staged in Ireland."


Off you go and ask them. They’re everywhere all over the internet. You can reply to whoever you so wish


All over the internet and talking rubbish ie: NOT knowing the facts and simply repeating the ill-judged comments of those with vested interests.

How many turned out in soccer mad Cork last night for the big game involving the European giants from Cork and Derry City?


Do you not see this is far bigger than the charity game?

Look at the people who are behind it. There are rules which are decided democratically. If people want to change them then put motions to clubs, county conventions and Congress.

O’Brien and Desmond and their mouthpiece Gilroy don’t run the GAA. Will be very disappointed if GAA folds on this tomorrow.


So is Oxfam and look at what some of their “volunteers” got up to in Haiti.
So was Trocaire and look at Eamon Casey got up to.

Being a charity doesn’t exempt them from scrutiny. Involving people like Denis O’Brien, Dermot Desmond and John Delaney should warn that ultimate auditing and scrutiny be involved.


Get off the stage will you. Far bigger than a charity game? What’s going to happen? The big bad LOI clubs going to take over all the GAA stadiums? No kids will ever play GAA again? The association will grind to a halt over this one off charity game? Cop on.

Don’t know why I even bothered replying to you after your charity my arse comment


Ah here…I’m out. Take off the tin foil hat’s lads ffs. Pathetic carry on


Dermot Desmond is an Irish businessman and financier. He is estimated to be worth €2.04 billion

Denis O’Brien is an Irish businessman and the founder and owner of Digicel and Communicorp. He was listed among the World’s Top 200 Billionaires in 2015 and is also Ireland’s richest native-born citizen. His net worth is 4.4 Billion USD


Really? You would trust Delaney? O’Brien? Desmond?
I had you better than that. I hope you are.


O’Brien… Yeah… We know how Digicel made him his fortune. Digicel may as well be an anagram of Michael Lowry.


On a historic footnote it might be noted that all 10 Cork delegates voted against the removal of Rule 42 in the last open vote early in the Noughties and consistently campaigned and voted against any change after - including when the change finally passed in 2005.