The Liam Miller Charity Match


They are the committee and they are either in charge of the event or they are not. Generally the committee of most things make the decisions and in this case they are either responsible for the p1ss poor communications between themselves and the GAA or they are not.

If they are, it is a very poor show from a group containing so many professionals in their chosen careers not to stand up and say “F” this for a game of cowboys, we don’t need the GAA, we’ll cover all the expenses.

For clarification purposes, I have no problem supporting any charity event and even have no problem if the GAA decide to allow their property to be used under their rules.

I do have a serious problem with how the people on the Soccer side have either mishandled this or allowed it to spiral out of control.


Went and listened to it cause I like to have the last word . Bar the references to the dubs in Croker pretty much what she said on tv3. Riddled with inaccuracies, no more than what a lot of other gaa people say. Disagree with her but it appears most of the gaa know nothing about the gaa.


I didn’t actually hear it myself.


Ya bollox😂


You or i have no idea what, if anything them people are already contributing or intending to contribute and quite frankly its none of my business either.

There’s plenty of people who have handled this badly and on top of all that is the GAA. An accusation was made by a prominent GAA figure on the Sunday Game where by he said the money the GAA received from the state came with certain conditions attached. That was nearly 48 hours ago and nobody from the GAA or the government has come out to refute that so I’m assuming there is some truth there. That has now led to discussions a national radio as to whether the GAA should be receiving any state funding. This is turning into an unmitigated disaster for the GAA and we can all point the fingers at everyone else all we like but the bottom line is the GAA have handled this very badly.


Why if the family and hospice are organising this is there not one of them on committee?

This whole thing reeks. Them boys are worth hundreds of millions and making out that GAA is doing some poor family out of the week’s shopping.

In fact you don’t need to read past the first 7 names to see exactly what is going on here.

Give them a cheque, which is more than the property scammers will be doing. and let the dogs bark/


It’s bloody charity for Christ sake.


That’s a pretty weird assumption to make. Can I suggest that if it was there in writing it would be quoted chapter and verse by now?! But it hasn’t been. And this ‘prominent GAA figure’ (sic) is prone to hypernole and exaggeration.

I feel sorry for the likes of John Horan in this. A man I know well and who is no dinosaur and has a number of excellent and progressive achievements under his belt stretching back nearly 40 years. You have the likes of Sean Kelly calling on him to do something knowing full well he can’t. I get the feeling that the bullying that is going on is proving counter productive. As someone touched on earlier, if you are looking for a favour there are correct ways to go about it. And then there are other ways that are not correct …

Like everything in today’s society it’s very easy to be populist and shout loudly … even if you aren’t necessarily right.


Look at the names! Some of these chaps had us picking up their bar tab for the last ten years. Charity my arse. Give them a cheque and call them to match it.


They can play it in Parnell Park, it’s sitting there empty.




He’s also a barrister and that’s a fairly wild interpretation of a hefty contract to be making if it’s not true. As I said already I would assume somebody from the GAA or government would have refuted by now if it wasn’t true but the boilers are already running with it. This is bad PR for the GAA. Very bad


Charity my arse? Good man.


Love this


GAA people are not in the business of disproving hyperbole. If that is written somewhere let’s see it - case over. Nah - don’t think so.

I think the more the hectoring and bullying goes on, the more GAA people are saying this isn’t right.


If what Joe said is right, just for argument sake, do you think this is a bad situation for the GAA?


I really don’t think what he said is right because if it was it would be out there in black and white - do you not think that - by a barrister who devours contracts.

There is an element of ‘Sky asked me’ in all this from Joe.

Surely the politicians who were party to the contract would be waving it about by now???


How would it be out there though? The ones with the access to that info are the ones the accusation was made against. To me the burden of proof lies with the GAA and the government to come out and say no that’s not the case. It’s a fairly serious accusation to make. He’s basically accused the GAA of misuse of public funds.


I would think they’d be out waving it around disproving this straight away if what Joe said was bull


Conversely they would surely be waving it about saying now let’s get this game on in PUiC …, and vote for me for sorting it.


They want the “gah” to take a humiliating kneel. Difference between PUC and that other dump being full, and there is no way PUC be even half full, is about a 100k. Much less once all the “expenses” are paid and the boys wet their beaks.

My proposal is GAA write a cheque for 100k. Then if these inveterate haters of GAA want to change our rules, they can sign up in their local club. Assuming there are GAA clubs in off shore tax havesn while we continue to pay their debts/