The Liam Miller Charity Match


And therin lies one of the many reasons why Soccer in this country is the failure that it is and the insane relation some have with “Celebrity”. A non-playing STAR probably getting paid as much as the rest of the team.


I ll try again. I saw her on the tv last night. I did nt her say anything outrageous. Tbh there so much bs about this now what the truth is who knows. For the last time my issue was that just because she expressed a different view it doesn’t mean she knows ■■■■ all about the gaa. As she is a journalist despite the anti journalist view in these parts I would gather she has done some research on the issue. And no I don t know her.


No, but the 18 month investment is yet another poor business decision by the soccer people, no need to worry about return on investment when others can bail you out.

The Man who destroyed Rovers was made President of the FAI, says everything about that mob.


You won’t get me sticking up for that shower but you do realise he’s still a paid employee of Rovers? I would assume his deal with the charity still stands


We are talking about her piece on Drivetime - nothing else - which was riddled with inaccuracies. It wasn’t a ‘different view’ it was a piece/ view full of wrong and ill informed information


Fair enough. Do you think the Committee of millionaires went about this the wrong way, or are the GAA more to blame?


Ive made my opinions on this matter very clear. The GAA should accommodate this charity event. Not because they have to cause they don’t, it’s just the right thing to do.

What committee of millionaires are you referring to?


The mob organising the Liam Miller event.

On a more serious note, how much is needed, by whom and why?

They could be a bit more forthcoming with info, no?


Like what ? She had 45 mins on tv3 bigger platform. Can t imagine she did nt express the same opinions. There are only 2 truths afaics. 1. )A committee asked for the use of puc, 2) the gaa said no. Anything else is opinion. Those who say the gaa are archaic or anti foreign sports or the grab all assoc are incorrect. That’s what this issue has become. I disagree with those people including her but plenty of gaa people seem to believe it. We are not going to agree so I ll see you on another thread soon , Neighbour’s is about to start.


His family and friends and those at Cork City? I’m not sure how many millionaires are there but I bow to your superior knowledge on people I’ve never met finances


His family and a hospice are making money from it. What more info do you need? Do you think Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes are looking to shakedown the family of their deceased team mate? I know Giggs has a chequered past but I doubt he’s that bad


That’s some clatter of c*nts.


Here is the list of committee members…

Michael O’Flynn (Chairman)
Graham Barrett
Eanna Buckley
John Caulfield
John Delaney
Dermot Desmond
Ted Foley
John Giles
Ger Gilroy
Colin Healy
Roy Keane
Kevin Kilbane
Tony Leen
Pat Lyons
Eamon McLoughlin
Willie McStay
Ciaran Medlar
Maria Mulcahy
Denis O’Brien
Damien O’Donohoe
Sean O’Driscoll
Kate O’Flynn
Martin O’Neill
Feargal O’Rourke
John O’Shea


Absolutely baffling that somebody would defend something they did not hear based on a completely different and separate contribution elsewhere - and that with many other posters here referring to those inaccuracies and untruths.

We’ll leave it there so.


Is there a poll anywhere on this site to get a feel for where dubs fans stand on this?
I think a poll on hoganstand a couple of days ago had 80+ percent support of gaa fans for moving the game to PUC.


hi tumbles,
please explain how they messed with the irfu? would be interested to hear that


You seem to have an awful chip on your shoulder about this. I know theres a lot of garbage being spoken about it but what have any of them got to do with this event? It’s nothing to do with the FAI. It’s a charity event being organised by his family and friends. Nothing to do with any of the people you have listed. Some have lended their support in the last few days but essentially had nothing to do with it.

This is taking a nasty turn where people are questioning the motives of this. Could it not be that maybe his family might want the biggest possible return and biggest crowd possible in his hometown? I know, I know. How dare they?


I think it would depend on how the question/s were / are tailored.



People who have added their support, most of them working in media to increase support for it. Essentially this is the brain child of his family and friends.

What exactly are you trying to get at here? Are you suggesting these people are out to get a few quid for themselves? Or because one or two of them might be financially well off they shouldn’t put their names to a charity event for their friend/teammate etc?

I’m not really sure what your objection is here…most seem to be debating whether the use of the ground should happen or not but you appear to be questioning the entire event