The Liam Miller Charity Match


Well she didn’t do much in the way of research then because 2 minutes on google would have left her better informed than the absolute scutter she was spouting on the radio last night.


Her ‘letter’ indicates she knows very little. Just because she plays camogie doesn’t mean she knows or understands the GAA.

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Well as I say I did nt hear the interview just pointing out unlike Duff or Andy Reid she is a member so she hardly has an anti gaa agenda.


Billy Morgan and Tomas o se were critical of the gaa do they know fuckall about the gaa too. I think the controversy is a bit contrived . The question that should be asked is why is the family of a player who presumably earned a great deal of money in his career receiving a benefit match they possibly don t need. If it was a memorial game or all funds going to a hospice I be a bit more in favour of it.


No issue with her being critical, but if you’re going to do that on the national airwaves, then at least be fair and accurate rather than an innacurate bandwagon jumper.

Anyway hopefully it will get resolved sooner rather than later and then we’ll see if all the noise boxes actually put their money where their mouths are and turn up to the game…


What did she say?


Could they not just play the game at the Aviva?


No because the goal is for non Croke park stadium to be opened so the precedent is set, so every GAA pitch in the country is up for grabs.


How can you try to defend something you did not hear???


There could be plenty of reasons why they need the fundraiser, maybe the basic reason is that he left nothing behind for whatever reason. I simply think someone just started the PUC thing simply on the basis that it was not being used and you could sell more tickets and raise more money for the family with it. I dont think whoever first suggested it did so to attack the GAA, just that it was a bigger ground = bigger money.

Its fairly clear - yet again - that many in the GAA do not read the rule book. I have no idea how good a barrister Joe Brolly is, but it is amazing how there is firstly, this belief that the GAA rule book is some arcane labyrinth that nobody can understand and secondly, how he seems to have cornered the market in being someones rep on it (as he hinted about this issue over the weekend). TBH I have never read it, never needed to until recently but between the Newbridge or nowhere, the “Neutral” super 8’s and “you need a congress to authorise PUC” its fairly clear that Brolly and the lads are happily parting fools with their money. no wonder they created the DRA.


I m not defending what she said which I did nt hear. I m defending her right as a gaa member to have a different view to me unlike duff or Reid who know little or nothing about the gaa. I saw her on the tv3 Matt cooper show last night which was discussing this issue. Her views On this issue was expressed last night. So I know her stance. I disagree with her but as she is a member she is entitled to that view.


I’d have thought the same about it being a simple request until I saw the Committee that made and leaked the approach.


So…A little perspective here. He played 9 games for Rovers and gave the money that saved his child. If giving money to charity makes you great a big well done to the biggest contributor to the Omagh Bomb fund, The GAA.


Seriously that is one of the craziest posts I have read here - and that says something. This is nothing to do with her right to a ‘say’ as a GAA member. It is to do with her being factually incorrect and misinformed - which she was.

Can’t understand how you think she’s entitled to say what she said when you don’t know what she said …


One game was for less than 2 minutes, one for 3 minutes and 3 games where he played less than half a game and never played a full 90 minutes.


I know what her opinion is. I just did nt hear one interview she gave. Gaa members are entitled to an opinion. How are you more informed than her ? What’s your sources? I think we have heard the arguments from both sides. She thinks the gaa are being archaic I disagree I think they have been blindsided on the issue, no craziness at work here.


Doesn’t matter how many games he played. He was injured most of his spell there but still got paid. In other words charity done incredibly well out of him. I fully accept you’ve an issue with his comments and that’s fully understandable but the post you made referencing the club’s he played for, the transfer fees involved (which nobody here knows whether he took sign on fees from them) and made a smart comment saying maybe he should contribute. I just responded by saying contributing to charity is not something he’s afraid of doing and I’m sure he will be making a sizeable donation regardless if where this game is played


You think he got paid per minute or something? Irrelevant tripe


I’ll try again. As numerous people have said she trotted out a number of FACTUAL inaccuracies. Now it doesn’t matter if she won 10 All Ireland camogie titles - if she’s wrong she’s wrong. She is entitled to her opinion as we all are but when your opinion is FACTUALLY incorrect then it is not a valid opinion.