The Liam Miller Charity Match


Like this perhaps?


bit of a cheat that. He only played about 8 games for them … the 18mths thing is a misleading headline. You can dress anything up to suit a narrative notwithstanding it was still a decent gesture


He still got paid the 18 months. Doesn’t matter how many games you play.


Actually it could have been 12 months. Think he retried after 12 months


With a net worth of €21million, it still took a sick child to “inspire” him to do with thousands of sports coaches in all codes do every week… give back their time for free.


I have no idea what is net worth is but I know he is highly charitable himself despite him being in bed with forces of evil :rage:


I was and am highly critical that the gaa initially refused PUC as a venue for this match. Since it has turned into an FAI v GAA debate I must say I find the like of Duffs comments ridiculous in the extreme. I await his statement on Delaneys 500k a year salary when clubs in their organization are going bust for the sake of a fraction of that wage. He has some neck to put it mildly

The list of people on the organizing committee can be found here


Duff is a shitebag, knows eff all about the GAA yet hes a fuckin expert on their business.

The more we hear from ill-informed cretins like him the less likely they are to get a positive outcome, some yoke from ‘the journal’ (does it even count as a media outlet) was on RTE drivetime having a pop yesterday evening, spouting half truths, nonsense and factually incorrect bolloxology without question from the host.


Heard that - it was like Olivia O’Leary’s ‘letter’ so wasn’t an interview as such. Absolute nonsense riddled with factual inaccuracies and sentimental bs. I doubt she knows anything about the GAA.


Was it Sinéad O’Carroll? She put her head above the parapet during the Newbridge saga as well


The list of names on the committee:

Ger Gilroy & Kevin Kilbane (both on Newstalk sticking the boot in to GAA)

Denis O’Brien and Dermot Desmond … both wealthy enough to buy PUC outright from their leftover coinage!

and not to mention … captain mute in all this John Delaney …

You actually couldn’t make it up. What a gathering!


F**k me thats some committee…25 people!! including Michael O’Flynn, Denis O’Brien and Dermot Desmond…two of the richest people in Ireland.

Ger Gilroy…explains why Duff got a free ride on OTB this morning

Keane, Giles, Kilbane, John O’Shea, Delaney, Caulfield, and O’Neill all on the committee too.

Duff’s intervention isn’t helping…At the end of the day you dont ask your neighbour for a lend of their house for a party and then start slagging them off while they think about it.


She is from Carlow. QED :grinning:

Yeah, best option would be for Croke Park to make a donation and move on,

No doubt whatsoever that this is part of bigger agenda by FAI, They tried to land IRFU in the sh!t and now trying to establish squatters rights on our pitches.

Pity they are using this issue, but hardly surprising given the characters involved. .


Surprised they haven’t found a way to blame Dublin yet…


The GAA should stop anyone from Newstalk/Independent going into GAA grounds to report on games, etc. They clearly have an anti-GAA bias when it suits their agenda (unless Kerry or Mayo are playing Dublin in August/September)


That was her, ill informed (deliberately) drivel


Can someone enlighten me please. Was the GAA initially approached when the game was being arranged? To me it looks like it was set up for Turners Cross, and sold out.

Then someone had the idea of “Why not use PUC?” and then every mother and their son jumped on board slating the GAA for not offering PUC, did they ask GAA, from what Horan was saying, GAA only approached a week ago.


Agree 100%. It’s all down to newstalk losing the radio rights. I hope Croke Park don’t bend on this now and follow the democratic rules of the association. And it’s a pity as a good cause has been hijacked by a load of morons.


Bingo, this is why these arceholes are always stirring the shit when it comes to GAA matters


She is a gaa member , plays camogie with her club in Kildare. I did nt hear the interview but she does have gaa credentials tbf.