The Kickout Rule in Football


You don’t have to be outside the arc for the kickout - only have to be 13m from the kick. The arc is really only for penalties in football :wink:


Today’s Special Congress modified the kickout rule requiring that all kickouts must go outside the 20m line before being played by another player on the defending team.


82 per cent voted in favour - a whopping majority.

It’s already a high-risk tactic and the mark is surely sufficient encouragement for kicking the ball long.

I doubt Cluxton’s deployment of the banana style kick-outs is the only reason behind this change but it’s hard not feel that it wasn’t a significant factor.


Dubs only county per radio who rejected it.


Why can’t they go after the big bugbear in the game …the shagging handpass …


Next thing you know they’ll try restructure the hurling Champo…


Ah, the game is fine as it is, leave it be. Alright, there’s the overuse of the handpass, and some illegal handpasses too. And the four steps rule should be enforced along with the dodgy pickup and the odd double hop. Then there is the increasing end of game cynicism and downright blackguarding tactics while officials put up with shocking abusive from the sidelines.
But apart from that, the game is grand!


Yet nobody wants to put an end to 15 players inside their own 45. This will encourage more teams to sit back as the ball will be travelling longer from kickouts. Ridiculous rule. That’s two rule changes now to try to combat Cluxton. Pathetic carry on


Should this be in the joke thread???


Will be interesting to see how this new rule is brought into play by teams and enforced by officials . Will linesmen indicate that the ball hasn’t travelled the required distance or will refreee do that , from normal position taken for kick outs ?

Will defenders push out well past the required distance and then collect the ball just on or over the right side of the line from the kick out and start the movement upfield then , or is the kick out , as now refined , now tilted in favour of the fielding footballer , a skill J Burns said was much valued and wanted by spectators .


Has to be the ref that makes the call.


What’s the other one ?


Well the mark was introduced to reduce the use of short kickouts too. Who is the best at utilising the short kick out the last few years?


It’s a conspiracy against goalkeepers, first Nash, now Cluxton.


I don’t see many people lobbying to change the real scurge on the game, the blanket. I’d love a rule where if at any stage during the game there is more than 13 players inside your own 45 you give up a free on the 45 metre line, centre of the posts.


I thought that was to reward the high fielders . Seems this new rule might be linked to the mark . If we get a good partner for Fenton we can better utilise the long kickouts.I see folk on Mayo blog already saying that if this rule had of been introduced last year they have won maybe two AIs by now …


The handpass is THE real blight on the game of … football …


A lot of them think Cluxton will struggle with new rule and they have All Ireland won next year. I think it will David Clarke who will struggle more with kick outs


We will adapt , just as we have done before .We’ve destroyed the blanket , I’m sure Jim will have an idea to get around this .


We always hear Kerry/Mayo saying they’ve cracked Cluxtons kick outs. Never a word when David Clarke, Brendan Kealy, Brian Kelly go into meltdown. Cluxton will adapt!