The Kickout Rule in Football


The ball doesn’t have to pass the 20m, the players just have to be outside it at the time the ball is kicked, the keeper can even kick it to the corner and get it himself


Yep, I know the ball doesn’t have to pass the 20m line, but I am not sure refs always knew that.

I didn’t realise the keeper could kick it to himself. There could be instances where that is actually a viable option.


Ye the person taking the kick out can kick it again but not take it into his hands! Seen it happen once after a botched kick out, either the ref knew the rule at the time or hadn’t a clue and let the play continue


That is the rule.Keeper can keep kicking the ball on the ground and score if unhallenged.


but don’t try it- will probably be pulled upon it!!!


Or leave yourself open as a keeper to be creased


Just to clarify, before I start working on this in training :grin:

The keeper kick to himself, has to go 13m (in any direction)??
but the he can kick again, but not take it to his hands…that right??

Can someone post that rule


yup once he doesnt take it into his hands, the rule doesnt specify the keeper, but states it as ‘the player taking the kick out’ can play the ball again once he doesnt take it into his hands… ill grab a rule book and quote the exact wording later


Rule 2.7(a)

''The player taking a kick-out may kick the
ball more than once before any other player
touches it but may not take the ball into his

The ball shall travel 13m before being played
by another player of the defending team.’’


Does the wording of that imply that it doesn’t have to go 13 metres?


Seems to imply that the player taking the kick out can’t be tackled until the ball has traveled 13m


if ye read it like that then yes, because it does say ‘another’. which to me seems like its suggesting a defending player other then the player taking the kick out


only the defending team can’t touch it within 13 metres is all it says? does that mean that a dodgy kickout that didn’t travel that far can be touched by an attacking player?


cue a bit of practice down in training of generating half volleys for kick outs


my understanding yes, once he is outside the 20m line when the ball is kick.


Is the defending team the team taking the kick out, or the team not in possession though?


Ah I get your reading of it now. Not too sure. Could definitely be argued your way


for example if a keeper kicked the ball 2 metres, the team without the ball cant touch it? doesnt sound right… if that was the case the team with the ball could do that and waste so much time, thats why i would read it as the teaming kicking the ball is considered the defending team… just like from a free a player cant touch the ball from his teams free/sidelien/mark until the ball travelled 13m


The team taking the kick out kicks it short for whatever reason. An attacking player can play the ball before it travels 13m but a defending player (apart from the kicker) cannot touch it until it travels 13m (even if the ball stops moving!!!). If they do it is a throw ball.

The keeper may take a second and subsequent kick(s) on the ball but may not take it to hand. Once the first kick is taken the opponent may tackle / challenge for the ball as normal.

Have heard about this happening and keeper argued with the ref when incorrectly blown up for it. Ended up with a yellow for dissent!!!

Also keep an eye out on kick outs being kicked to a team mate and receiving its on the 20m in the arc. Seldom blown up for it - even at inter county - even though the ball has not travelled 13m (may have been 13m away when the ball was kicked, but unlike a free, the ball must travel 13m before being played by a team mate.


Had this recently in a league game, keeper chipped 2 or 3 kick outs to the full back who was standing directly in front of him (no arc as was public park). Lots of calls from the team defending the kick out saying ball had only travelled 7 yards etc. All waved away by ref. Break in play one of the lads chats to the ref, reminds him that there’s no arc on the pitch so he’s definitely not the required distance away. Ref still waves him away. Next kick out, same routine happens only this time the ref blows for a hop ball. I swear, couldn’t make it up.