The Kickout Rule in Football


you’d have corner forwards who’s sole job on kickouts would be to disrupt a midfielders run to stop a mark. You can’t have a successful mark (although I don’t know how effective it will be anyway) if you are going to engineer a situation where there’s 12 bodies in and around the 45


And condense everything and everybody into the middle third? As Paul Mc would say … Let It Be …


I’d love to see this get passed by the blanket defence merchants.


Interesting in that article about trailing a match were they tried to limit number of handpasses , error rate of 67% , that’s huge but not surprising .


Small correction: kick outs following a score were from 20 metre line (21 yards in old money) not the 13 metre line.


what if a player attempts a catch, fumbles it but catches it on the second attempt before it hits the ground or another player, is that considered a clean catch?


Yes that’s a mark so long as no one else touches it


Interesting, had a game earlier in the year where a lad done similar, touch it down to himself and caught it before it hit the ground but ref called no mark as “it wasn’t clean”


Have seen a lot of fook ups with the marks this season.
Refs giving marks for catches not past the 45, have seen this a load of times at different levels
Refs not knowing whether they are playing the mark or not, then giving a free incorrectly. It happened in our AFL1 game V na Fianna. Our MF caught it cleanly, but went to play on a give a hand pass, but the ref said he marked it, this would have led to a good chance for us to score and possibly win the game, but it ended up being a hop ball, or even a free to them, cant remember
Other ones I’ve seen is refs blowing for a mark before the ball is even caught and the player dropping the ball after the whistle has blown


I got booked for giving out to a ref that gave a mark for a dropped kickout, which we won the break on, that led directly to a goal…


this is the problem everyone has different definitions of ‘clean’ i would have thought clean would have been a clear catch, no fumble, even if the opposing player gets a touch, once the catching player is in full control/possession


Yes, but there’s no mention of the word clean in the rule as far as I know, so where are refs getting this from. The rule does state that a mark does not count if it’s touched in the air by a player and then caught by a different player so maybe that’s were the confusion lies? In this instance the same player touch it first then caught it before touching the ground


What would happen if two opposing players catch the ball simultaneously?


Likeliness of this happening is very slim. Dont think I’ve ever seen it happening in my time playing. Different when one catches it and the other lad tries to grab it out of his hand, well then it’s still a free to the original catcher


that happened in our match last night. I caught the ball in the air intially but before I had hit the ground, the opposition player had grabbed the ball as well so we both landed holding it. I was given a mark though


Fron Croke Park via the training seminars they have to attend. Whether or not they all apply the rule in the same manner is debateable, same as alot of things in life!!!


A fumble is ok so long as it doesn’t touch any other player or the ground = Clean catch


Highly unlikely to ever happen… BUT… if it did, no mark as not clean


On the kick out - I can remember a lot of instances where refs blew for frees even though the ball had travelled 13 meters. Up to a few years ago, and Dublin’s use of this, I don’t think even the top refs knew this rule properly. Mainly they blew if the ball didn’t cross the 20m line. You can still see it in crowds howling for a free because the ball hasn’t gone beyond there.

But in general, if teams marked up the forwards man to man they wouldn’t have a problem with this issue, the guy would still be marked. So they are looking at the wrong area to fix the problem - by changing this they would be rewarding teams for keeping defenders back.

Though I agree with changing rules to keep up with the changing game. But it should be done by a committee with an end view in site. Not done by hundreds at congress who can’t all share the same vision. Look at the mark, it was tried, worked well but was rejected. Then suddenly it is in again. There is no logic because a committee of hundreds can’t have a logic, nearly by definition.


it happened me in a hurling match once which was very weird. We both genuinely caught different parts of the ball, coming at it from different angles - I have never seen it happen before or since…