The jokes thread.... Don't be afraid to muck it up!


Cats are cùnts. The culchies of the animal world.


Guy at a job interview…

Interviewer: So what’s your strongest asset?

Guy: I have a strong belief in my own opinion

Interviewer: Well, I think that’s a great asset

Guy: I couldn’t really give a bollix what you think…


But they don’t try to tear dogs to pieces. Nor do they stink. And nor are they utterly stupid. Nor do they need constant attention, nor make alot of noise. And they’re generally cheap and easy to look after.


You don’t look happy snowcat.


To be fair, hand on heart, you couldn’t say all of those things about a culchie.


As Basil Fawlty said "happy?.. ah yes I remember that "


Shockin’ terrible way to be talking about Mrs ForSalad


Definitely not cheap…