The jokes thread.... Don't be afraid to muck it up!



Speaking of pie, and pie charts…


I bought my mate a telepathic abacus for Christmas. It’s the thought that counts.












This hombre, he speaks the truth.


Not much of that going on here. Hmmmmm… :thinking:


The wife said to me, “If you keep on being so pedantic, you’ll have less friends”. I said, “you mean fewer friends?”


I read over the holidays that Phoebe from Friends was a champion oarswoman. I didn’t even know Lisa Kudrow


She was always by far the best character in it


F@cking HATED Friends. Utter drivel.


Do you like that Big Bang shite?


Not really, though that Parsons guy plays his role very well.
I am not really a fan of American sit-coms. I did use to like Cheers back in the day but looking back at it now and it does seem cliched and dated. Frasier is about as good as it gets (and was quite funny).


Seconded. Big Bang as well. Shows our age I suppose. I’ve always preferred bars to homes for great comedy anyway. Only Fools an exception, not a huge fan of Royale Family


Fools and horses the greatest. Nearly cried and laughed at the same scenes. The genius of John Sullivan and the actors.