The jokes thread.... Don't be afraid to muck it up!


Vincent Van Gogh walks into a pub…
The barman says to him “Do you want a beer?”.
VVG replies “No thanks, I’ve got one ear.”


I’m terrified of German sausages.
Always fear they’ll do their wurst.


You both know this is the ‘Jokes thread’, yeah ?

Bring back K.I.T.A


S’ok boss. We all know Resser mods have no sense of humour.

Don’t worry about it.

Am sure you have loads of other excellent qualities, that will come in really, really useful some day. :+1:


Ah, @TheParish has a sense of humour… sure doesn’t he follow Liverpool?


If you buy a piece of apple pie in Barbados it’ll cost you $1.
If you buy a piece of apple pie in Trinidad and Tobago it’ll cost you $1.50.
And If you buy a piece of apple pie in Jamaica it will cost you $2.

And those my friends are the Pie Rates of the Carribean


Really? And what proper football team does he support?


Probably the same club as you, oh wait… :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Christ @FrNoelFurlong you could have at least listed three different types of pie!

ps @TheParish what is KITA? Kick in the arse?


I have no interest in anything that over hyped, over paid, moany baxtards with funny accents do in their poxy red jerseys. Or in night clubs when they’re shagging grannies. And I never will.

(Well apart from the usual drama, when Mayo are changing managers obvs.)




So Bart then - yeah?


This guy?

Wouldn’t call him THE most beautiful person on this earth, but whatever floats yer boat I suppose. :woman_shrugging:





He’s got to be related to Vincent Kompany



Marty in drag


Ohhh Jesus!


Oh dear.