The jokes thread.... Don't be afraid to muck it up!


I got a repetitive strain on my thumb scrolling through that post!


Sorry - could you repeat that?


Ha - reading that post on my iPhone so it took it ages to scroll through it as I was reading it!


It’s the way ye tell’em…



I don’t get it.


You need to broaden your horizons then and stay away from plenty’o’fish!


“My name is Luka. I live on the… um… one of those floors up there somewhere. I forget which one” - Suzanne Vaguer.


This fellow might be in for a long wait.



A green stalk of vegetable just told me two horses that might win the Grand National. I reckon they were asparagus tips.


My Chinese neighbour said he’s just opened a crows shop. Speaking slowly, I said “you mean a clothes shop?” He says, “No, a crows shop - come in and have a rook.”