The jokes thread.... Don't be afraid to muck it up!


Now you’re taking the biscuit.


I know, I’m a bit of a jammy dodger alright.


Think I need a breakaway from this thread.


That’s a rich tea coming from you


well You can go and hob nob with the folk over on the mayo blog


No way!

I’m not a Drifter.


Good stuff it’s no picnic over there


They really lapped up all that Aido being a Lion shyte. (Loads of Snickers here over that.) There’s a Bounty put on yer head if you dare disagree with them.


Very true.

But when all is said & done, it was The Blue Riband on Sam again last Septembers.


A bounty? They would only fudge it. I heard a wispa that he who can’t be named was told to have a break, have a kit Kat


Jebus. These puns showing no sign of abating & it’s After Eight.


A Marathon effort.
Mars for pre-match drinks, as usual?


It’ll be crunchie underfoot given the weather…


Well you will be going on your Toblerone


Be careful, with all the ice and snow Flakes around.


I’m be-twix-t and between whether to go to work tomorrow.


Hop on a double decker. If they’re still running, what with that horrific icing across(bun) the nation.


Really Chomping at the bit for some decent snow now…


You need to sTiffen your resolve…


yiz are all fruit and nut cases.