The jokes thread.... Don't be afraid to muck it up!


That’s as old as @Rochey


How old am I? I can’t remember


“I have a split personality,” said Tom, being frank.


I hate being bipolar, it’s fantastic!


Thief :joy:


Help! I’m playing Scrabble with Midge Ure. I’ve only got 4 letters left, but they mean nothing to me: OVNR.



Would a joke about flat pack coffins be distasteful?


Well the day that’s in it…


I have no ikea what you are talking about


My mate has started a business selling glass coffins, will it be a success? Remains to be seen…


Could have seen through that one.

A friend of mine’s dying wish was to be cremated but the undertaker let him down.


My mate was a crossword addict. When he died he was buried 6 down and 3 across.





@DUB09 your mate

A Nigerian Prince has died & left his millions to a cat
He tried to give away his fortune for years, but no one ever responded to his emails


Is a semi colon some kind of half arsed grammar thing?


You should try it in coddle


Managed to book a table for meself and the other half later. Turns out she can’t actually play snooker.


First time I heard that I laughed so much I nearly fell my Dinosaur.:wink: