The Johnny Longhair Thread - The Return



No thanks


Went to see therapy? play an acoustic set in Whelans last night.

Probably one of the best gigs that I’ve ever been to, their stuff translates so well acoustically and some of their darker stuff sounds even better acoustically!


an acoustic masterpiece

acoustically spoeaking




Anyone know what time Iron Maiden are due to hit the stage tomorrow? Can’t find the info anywhere.
With champo game on at 6.00 it may be tight.


Doors open at 6.30 and support act on first, cant see them onstage till 8.30 realistically


What @Vin says, MCD usually have the details up on their site for these kind of things.


Cheers lads. It says 8.00 on MCD site. Doors opening at 6.30 so hoping 8.00 is the start time for Shinedown.:sweat:


What a great gig though. Still singing some of their songs today. I didnt prep very well for it, since it was a tour for their new album. I had looked at the set list and only knew 50% of the songs, but it didnt matter, even though it was the first time listening to 8 or so new songs they were still brilliant and as usual very entertaining.

Still some gobshites giving out during the Trooper when he runs around with the union jack. Why bother going if it offends you so much, the story is about the English fighting with Russia, so has nothing to do with UK Irish relationship and it would not make sense for him to use an Irish flag. But I’m sure all the fans that get offended by this know that anyway!


I have a spare Guns N Roses ticket if anyone wants it drop me a PM…face value €89.50


Slayer tickets in the bag, you heading @Vin?


No tickets yet, waiting to hear from the brothers to see if they are heading, think I will though either way.

Maiden in Belfast on 2/8 is first on the agenda though


I’ll be at Slayer.

Can’t wait.

The last one at the Olympia was one of the loudest gigs I was ever at.


It was so loud you couldn’t hear the music …


Yep, looking forward to that one alright. Read that it’s very much a Greatest Hits tour which should be something else. Now how are we going to convince them to play Rime of the Ancient Mariner??



Slayer time @Cotsy, just heading to The Foggy Dew for warm up pints. You heading to Bruxelles for the after party?