The Johnny Longhair Thread - The Return


In Vicar Street for Amon Amarth/Testament/Grand Magus and I have to admit I don’t get this whole melodic death metal stuff at all.


Sounds like an awful idea, death metal should be raw and brutal like getting a filling without an anesthetic, I prefer to stick to the classics!


Hardwired to Self Destruct; yay or nay?

Yay for me


Haven’t bought it yet, but what they’ve put up on Youtube sounds good. Will defiantly pick up a copy for sure.

I’d also give a Yay for Sol Invictus by FNM superb stuff


Yeah @Vin, definitely one of my albums from last year by Mike Patton & the boys.

Haven’t bought much new stuff this year (Suicidal Tendencies, Testament & Metallica)


Looking likely that GNR will be playing Croker next July, would love me a piece of that.

Slane 1992 was my first ever gig


How come you waited til you were 50 to go to a gig?


[quote=“Dub09, post:27, topic:512”]
How come you waited til you were 50 to go to a gig?
[/quote]I called them concerts before then :grinning:


The full band, or less Slash? Seem then in the RDS a few years a go without Slash and they were brutal. We actually left half way through

Saw Biffy on Saturday night. Quality gig, brilliant live band


with Slash…agree was at the RDS myself they were sh*te

went to Slane when i was 14 with my uncle one of the best days of my life have to say…great memory


I thought they hated each other and were suing each other?


Who??? Celtdub and his uncle??


They did but money talks…its called the ‘‘Not In This Lifetime’’ Tour as one of them gave that answer a few years back when asked when they might get back together

Axl, Slash and Duff are there from the original line up…Steve Adler had a heroin induced stroke so he wouldn’t be able to hold a beat these days and no idea where Izzy is!


I should have said he passed away not long after :joy:


Jaysus sorry to hear that Celtdub! At least you have the great memory! :+1:


ha ha no hassle at all :joy:


Sky Sports News are showing Guns n Roses ads twice at nearly every ad break and the band’s Twitter feed is advising everyone to have “Patience”

An announcement for Europe 2017 should be imminent


saw a billboard on Tara St this morning with the GNR symbol with ‘‘Patience’’ written across it too…deadly




Croker was the rumour the last few weeks