The Healthy Eating Thread the third


Good breakfast ,
The night before put porridge oats in a bowl stir in some natural yogurt and chia seeds small bit of protein milk or ordinary milk will do , put bowl in the fridge . The Oats will absorb some of the milk and Yogurt over night .
Next morning take out of fridge add some walnuts and blueberries or strawberries.
Ye then have a lovely healthy muesli ( not full of sugar like store bought). With slow realise carbs , keep you full for longer.


Ya know have done it a few times and its good, have used almond milk as well, though have been buying the protein milk in aldi for a euro which is good value. Cant for the life of me eat it cooked.


Ye to be fair, Aldi or Lidl are way cheaper and better value for natural yogurts, cottage cheese or protein milks , plus any Brazil, cashew nuts etc. Even fruit and veg for smoothies they are miles cheaper. Nice feeling having a trolly full of good food , that doesn’t cost a lot.
Good time on the 5k as well.
Looks like your enjoying it :blush:


Yeah I am, determined to keep it up. The goal is 210/15 pounds and i am a happy man.






So I have me air fryer. Made home chips.

2 tablespoons fo Olive Oil.
Wee bit of paperika
2 decent spuds (I used Roosters)

Peel and chop and put them in boiling water with added salt for about four minutes. Take and out and dry and mix them in with olive oil and paprika (if they desire it).

Lash them in the air fryer (which has been on for four minutes heating). Leave them on for 25 mins I took the basket out every 5 minutes to shake.

Lovely chips, not quite nice as burdocks but ■■■■ me they will certainly do.


What air fryer did you get? How much did it cost you?


Its this model and I bought it in Supervalu for 40 banjeroes. You won’t get a whole family fed of it one go, but for starting of to get the hang of them its worth the look.


Looks the bee’s knees.
How many average servings of chips would you get in one use?


I done about four spuds in it which was nearly enough for two adults and one of the kids. Now the basket wasn’t nearly full, I’d say I would get at least four servings. I am going to see can I get one of those spud chipper things, cuts the chips long and thin. I am going to leave the skin on them as well.

If that goes according to plan I’ll post a pic (re beside my bowl of coddle)

This is meant to be a god seasoning for the chips.


F**king hipster cafe eh …


Nah just to fecking lazy to peel them…


How did you manage to get it so cheap?


Thats the price of them. They where not on sale or anything.