The Grand Cabal


Bart, the rebel without a clause.


Sack was banned long before i became admin. Was that also a cabal? The same cabal? A different cabal? Not sure why he was banned exactly but I can tell you it was nothing to do with his opinions on football and more to do with his inability to stick to the very few simple rules asked of posters on this site.


Better then trigger


To be fair the Cabal has some that must be offered lifetime membership at this point


What the fook is a cabal??


Someone call a cab? Al?


It’s anything and everything you want it to me.


All joking aside for a bit then.

The above ramblings from the other day come across as a touch paranoid and are more than a little insulting, to me and other forum mods & users. We’ve all laughed it off as “Bart going off on one again”. I thought you would let it lie but seems you want to keep going with this? … Fair enough so but i’m getting sick of this crap.

You claim the cabal are trying to shut out a few mavericks because … eh … they have different opinions on football? That we demand consensus??? That is genuinely the narrative you are trying to peddle???

As a poster you add a lot to the discussion on this site. It’s not your opinions that often turn innocuous conversation about sport into bitch fights. It’s not a fictional cabal out to stifle debate either, how could it be when you seem to fight with newer posters as much as you do with older ones.

As with most conspiracy theories the real issues are a lot more mundane & closer to home. I don’t mind a bit of edginess on here but I draw the line at abuse such as “stick it up your arse you absolute muppet” - which was your post that was flagged and i agreed with the flag.

You claim you only fire back when abused but the above is far worse than someone saying that you are trolling/spoofing.

You also claim abuse is dealt differently depending on who it is. All flags which merit it are dealt with by private message, so you literally have no idea who has been asked to cool down or not. What is the big deal with a PM asking someone to calm down anyway, literally no one else has reacted like this to a request to calm down. I have given you more leeway than any other poster on this forum, so if there is a cabal you are in it.

Different mods might take a different slant on different things but we try to be consistent. Frankly, if you don’t like the way this forum is run you are free to leave. If you choose to stay then please try to tone down the abusive episodes and show a bit of respect for your fellow posters. Talking about sport is supposed to be a bit of craic.