The Grand Cabal


He was a terrible player. Brainless.


true, but his standing like a snorting bull at the NZ panto - i mean haka - before the world cup final a few years back was amazing stuff.


How did he never get done for banned substances?


I do think there’s a Cabal on this site.

As a neutral poster, I find here very pro-Dublin.

There’s also a lack of sympathy and lack of enthusiasm for Ulster football - most notably from Bart.

I’m hoping this complaint is taken on board very seriously by the mods.

Yours faithfully.
Upthedall (aka Daller to the dubs).


At least ya can debate here . There are some awful sites out there that are not welcome to outsiders .If ya keep it reasonable here ya won’t be told to fxxk off like some places .An open mind is a great thing


You are being unreasonably reasonable.

Now f**k off! :joy::wink::wink:


Post reported.




To the admin or the Shadowy all-seeing Cabal?


Has anyone ever seen the all-seeing cabal and the admin in the same room?




The Grand Wizards of the Cabal are not even permitted to travel on the same flight, lest …


Once it’s on the Cabals T’s and C’s . Outside that it may not go well fit you


Yea those awful T&Cs where we ask posters not to abuse other posters for no reason when talking about football and/or hurling. What a shower of bastards.


did i say we … i mean they … they’re awful bastards.




And the bit where we have different posting and protection rules for the Cabal and very little for the nomads


You mean the bits you make up?




Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose Rodney