The Grand Cabal


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Which it is…but do carry on anyway.


No cabal membership for you al


Can I get Cabal membership? I promise to pay my subs. I’ll even bring some gluten free homemade buns to the next meeting. gwan.


Do you have to sign up for another of those poxy clubcard efforts?

Do I have to register online, with a password of 8 characters or more that must contain a capital, a numerical and a special character??

If so, deadly.


You just broke rule 713, section d, sub-section 411…


Am I allowed in?
(Being a Nordie/Southsider)


@Rochey @Tayto Jesus lads, you’d have to let him in, having suffered a fate like that…


Dead right LiamMac.

Special case.

But is living in Finglas until I was 3 years old a help to my application?


Definetly get the Northside vote. I’ll write a letter of recommendation :man_dancing:


Ok for a ticket tomorrow Liam?


Ah here , I thought this was a thread on barges and canals , expected to see pictures of boats and Dick Warner an’ all


Haven’t been this year, cutbacks. Stuck to league & Hurling. Happy to watch at home with young lad.


Enjoy with the young lad.



Gluten free would be far too sophisticated for the Cabal


A gluten for punishment.


Los Caballeros are very good at calling how matches might pan out. Imbued with analytical minds and a deep understanding of the game they are rarely swayed by fear, senseless emotion or the faux uttering and scribblings of country cousins with agendas and wishful thinking analysis.

Los Caballeros will deal only with facts, realities and actualities.

This was again apparent in recent weeks. It is this trait that saw the group question the faux build up of Tyrone credentials. That saw the members tell all that Tyrone had not tackled, nor been tackled by, players with the physique and conditioning of Les Bleus.

Los Caballeros would certainly have a blue hue in their thinking - as do fans of all teams and sports. But not blindingly so.

Not everyone can be a Caballero. It takes courage, loyalty and a clear and incisive mind. But you can enjoy the fruits of the Caballero mind by following their teachings and writings. That in itself can be fulfilling too. As one of the great Caballero mottos says, ‘Turning a little light switch on every day’ …


Good few cowboys in here alright. Rounding up the herd. Lassooing the lost, weak, and rebellious. Shucks, 'bout time we had us a ro-deo!


A hungry posting
Lone got a Roasting
so did others too
saying how great that kerry were

"this post’s reported"
the man retorted
and he blamed it all on
The Grand Cabal

he blamed it all on
The Grand Cabal



Le grand Chabal