The Grand Cabal


Please say that’s Jackie please


Ah now , I sense money being asked for next … I’ll make excuses in the interest of integrity


No Jackie hates students


She hates cork as well




Well, there is that in common. Sure, I’ll give her a call when I’m passing , if she’s not too busy with disciplinary matters…


Who doesn’t


Jesus she could be a while with Bart he answers back


Nahhh, he’ll fold under questioning


That s a big ask


I’m comfortable with Cabal . It’s all about applying the bollocks to them attitude .
Onwards and upwards :joy:


Just off the phone from Hollywood there about the screenplay.
They seem to love it. A little Irish story for children called-
"Pork Pies by A Tin Roofer in Bartyland. Fingers crossed…
Up the Dubs!!



You sound like this lot

I believe h&m are doing a hipster line of tinfoil hats.


Could be something for the Cabal to wear Tayto. I believe mills and boon are doing a line with Teflon jackets . Could be something for you to consider


The cabal don’t exist, except in your paranoia, so how could they wear anything.

You have to get the last word in don’t you? I’d say your wife is a patient woman.


The idea that people would bother to organise a cabal against you because your opinions are so out there is just a egotistical step into fantasy. It really is a bizarre leap of logic. Seriously. This is a discussion board, people agree and disagree all the time, that’s the whole point. You need to give yourself a shake before embarrassing yourself further with these conspiracy theories.


No I’d never suggest it was just for me because it isn’t . But I’m suitably chastised now
I’m going now to my morning Samba class to shake myself . Hopefully they’ll play some Taylor Swift …


Nice one , we can tear strips off each other here :joy:


Put this over here because I’m not done with it and didn’t want to pull the other thread off course again.


What’s the initiation ceremony for membership Tayto ?