The Grand Cabal


Hardly if it’s the truth in fairness


You complained about double standards. So I told you that both users were dealt with in the exact same way so now you are reverting to going on about this cabal nonsense again. I literally have no idea what you are on about. If anything I have cut you more slack than any other single poster.

God forbid you would hold the hand up and say you were in the wrong, apologise for calling someone a muppet and we could all just move on. We couldnt have that could we.


Certainly won’t be apologising Tayto . So onwards and upwards .



It blinds, more than a lack of sight.


Truth leads the masses into the light !




Imagine Bart joined their blog, it would be similar to macker asking for a free point in dingle


or tayto admitting football is better than hurling


or rochey saying the Mun is softer than st Margarets


wifi you just interupted my thread FFS


And it was going so well :grinning:


yeah but what it makes it worse is a picture of two mayo sheep, thta really hurt


im going to leave quietly looks like the bar room brawl is ended


No surprise there

Just to point out that the site deals with flags by private message, so you literally have no idea who has been pulled up and for what. So accusations of double standards are a punt in the dark on your part.

I will tell you that most people actually do apologize when pulled up, including some people I suspect you think are wizards* of the cabal.

*no idea what cabal members should be called


Caballeros , :cowboy_hat_face:of course


I think there might have been a thread on the old forum but would it be any harm for a thread where you can just let loose on whatever’s getting on your wick ? Not like Get it off your chest .But proper bat shit crazy tin foil hat stuff . Let people go hell for leather & then it might cool their jets .

By the way , excellent moderation here .Nothing really gets too out of hand :clap::clap:



Bart listen to teacher and stop being so anti class


Which one of the Phelans is that ?


The glasses look the job