The Grand Cabal


jasus its all getting tense in here, ill have to get jackie down to release tension


Cabal me arse. I dont care who thinks what about football/hurling.

Most people can offer alternative opinions without losing the rag.

You are just bitching because i asked you not to abuse other posters? Again.


It’s mind over matter Tayto . When they stop abusing me I’ll stop abusing them . Until then the gloves are off . I simply expect the banning rules to applied equally ( including the Cabal) Otherwise all you have here is your own version of the Stone Masons
Follow the consensus or be extinguished !


Absolutely staggering. Your paranoia actually has gotten worse.


i have very rarely seen posters like rochey or tayto take sides bart tbh


You haven’t seen the Clump thread?


Just the facts Rochey . Just the facts .


there are now 1,332 posts in the clump thread i havent read, nor will i ever!!! have had the misfortune of being in one elsewhere and my head eventually burst.


jesus beeko give us a rest


Stonemasons. :joy: :joy: :joy:

I must have missed the part of the forum where there’s this great consensus and everyone just agrees with each other all the time … it sounds very dull … anyone got a link?

I dont know who is supposed to be in this cabal but the people who flagged your posts the other day are not people you have locked horns with in the past. If that’s what you think you’re wrong.

The posts the other day were flagged for valid reasons and i agreed that they were an over reaction. As i would if anyone else did the same. Please dont try to make out like you are being victimised here. A very gentle request to not abuse posters and now you’re back to the cabal stuff. :joy:


I only abuse posters who abuse me . Unfortunately if the standard of moderation is to have two sets of standards which is essentially what you’re alluding to - then it only backs up what I’m saying


Give over Bart, the moderators and admins do a great job on this site.


Why don’t you leave so? Do us all a favour!

Or do you picture yourself as some sort of mod-police force for Ressers?


Why would I do the Cabal a favour ?


You need help


He called you a troll, which is hardly abuse. But even so, I removed his comment just as i did yours. So the problem is?


Jaysis lads - Calm down.
Its human nature to agree to disagree , granted Bart disagrees with more than others ! , but its natural as hes active on the board.
The odd time i agree with him.

no need for all to get abusive - just ignore those who annoy/abuse you - although to be fair the latter shouldn’t be tolerated


Who exactly do you propose are members of this Cabal??


Ah lads cmon no need to start forming Lynch mobs. We are all gods children here on this site. let’s all disagree to agree?


My problem is the Cabal . But it’s part of the woodwork so it’s long been accepted by the rest of us