The Grand Cabal


So this CABAL thing, if your a member do you get invited to the Ressers Christmas Ball?



forget all this discussion I just got myself a one box!!

wrap me in tin foil, put me in the oven and call me Dave!


The aul Resser Christmas balls were great craic in fairness.


Down know never at one. Though i did hear legendary stuff.


One evening, I had to package Macker up in a taxi, send him home, while me, Joxer and WB went onto Coppers… Jeysus I was melted the next day! F****ng melted!! But it was great craic!


Never mind all that.Did he say he was trying for a point against Kerry??


Ah WB… a legend.


Who?? Never heard of him…

sobs silently


what ever happened Sack?


He was eaten by the Cabal here. It happens …




Okey Doke, I heard he got gender reassignment. But the CABAL have very sharp teeth. hungry bastards.


He may have drowned in a pool of Kool Aid having being stampeded by the herd …


This place is owned and governed by the Cabal with only a few nomads essentially doing community service in presenting alternative opinion .


So he would have become Sackless-In-Spandex?


Excellent , another exquisite term introduced to the forum ! They come & go & drop atom bomb type nuggets of enlightenment for the rest of the sheep to chew on :joy:


Fixed that there …


We are the downtrodden few here beaten down by your Cabal …


You keep playing the victim… The bloke who spends his days attacking the masses!