The Grand Cabal


I feel left out how do I get into this cabal :thinking:


How do you know what the previous website was like just before it crashed? You had taken an extended break from it, remember? And oddly enough, we all got on swimmingly then, even during that horrible week when Danny left the panel & was commentating on our league games. Fancy that !

For the 876th time, no one here minds differing points of view. It’s calling people who disagree with you idiots, buffoons, nursing petty grudges, having vendettas etc etc that makes the place so unpleasant. A little civility wouldn’t go amiss is all…

But you’ll probably ignore that point (yet again) and go back to ranting about this cabal shit. Over and out.

(This poster is in no way attempting to back seat moderate. This poster does not endorse back seat moderating. This poster approved this message.)


So here it is: any chance of doing without all the commentary about commentary? While I understand big bad egos are at stake, the sniping isn’t what makes this site so great. Fair enough, people need to make their case and part of that requires them to defend their person. Still though: maybe that sort of stuff could be reserved for a special thread? Discussion in this thread, and so many others like it, is supposed to be devoted to analysis of a huge match about which we’ll all be concerned for the next few weeks, one that will live long in the memory, whatever happens on the day. Its not supposed to be about who said what about who in what context and on what basis. I left Facebook because of that sort of gick. I really don’t want to have to leave this one for the very same stupid reason.

Now. I’m not keen to moderate: fair play to those that do it. I know from experience that it is a thankless task. And I’m also not keen to prematurely take the microphone: there are so many in here that have already secured that right on the basis of shrewd and devoted commentary over a very long time. Still though, I reckon it is our role as fans and wannabe analysts to focus on what we know. So this’d mean, at the very least, no undue credence to rumours (i.e. I heard from a lad that Person X’s leg fell off), no undue saber rattling or drum beating (i.e. we’re simply doomed/we’re simply brilliant) and, above all, no personalisation of the analysis. I’ve read the terms and conditions and many people in this thread could do with helping themselves to a good careful re-read. They’re fine conditions. Really!


Here’s the terms of service again, just in case.

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Good stuff !


Not at all I’m going to leave you all in peace. Apologies for stating my mind. . Differing opinions are not allowed anymore and if moderators are happy with that - that’s fine. There was a point it was the best forum around but sadly it’s become a mere shadow of what it used to be.

But there was a scandalous amount of mis-information and lies posted on the hurling threads by some posters and it was quite staggering it was allowed sit. There are one or two posters on those threads that ought to be ashamed of themselves for the downright lies they posted and then trying to pass them off as facts. All to shape a debate in their favour.

As regards the football threads. If you don’t follow the crowd and wrap the blue of Dublin around you similar to the English soccer fans when they follow their National team - you’re an outcast.

If that’s the basis of a forum which it is in it’s current state- I’ll bid you adieu- it’s been a blast.


How many retirements is that now for Bart? Start the clock for the return…


He will be back in exactly 2 1/2 weeks or 3 depending on how things are going . Don’t see the point in leaving , there must be a few folk here melting his head :thinking:


He’s had enough of not being in Los Caballeros de la Mesa Redonda?


He should go on a comeback tour, like Cher. He may as well make a few bob out of it all. He’d really rock the leather bomber jacket & belt tankini look, as he straddles a Tomahawk missile on the deck of the LE Roisin. Giddy up !


Great to see Lone Ranger and WiFi got a room together…:sunglasses:


The Grand Cabal - is that an Afghan chipper?


His leaving has nothing to do with me lads, I promise :smile::joy:



Bart’s gone to set up his own one on the Meath Fans’ Forum, called The Royal Cabal.


Is it because he is black?



Bart, that is a step too far for me without posting a reply.

I am in no way similar to an English fan supporting their national team.

That is a ferocious insult.


What, you never spread your arms wide, stuck your belly+tits out, stared with bulging eyes and roared “Duuuberrliiiin Duuberrliiiin Duuuberrliiiin!” in the faces of U-10 Longford girls in Pearse Park? You havent lived man! :wink:


No belly & tits here.

Body of an Adonis I have!


About 10 days it seems…