The Good TV Thread


Has there ever been a greater waste of comedic talent though?

He’s a naturally funny guy and yet he makes one terrible movie after another…


He’s making a lot of money, however.


Haven’t watched most of his films! Maybe one, can’t even remember it. Just seen loads of clips of him. Maybe I am the moderrin generation after all. :open_mouth:


Nowhere Fast … apt title …

Wtf commissions these things …


One should look closer to home! :joy:


I think he is brilliant and his films are hilarious. Check out Eastbound and down. One of the funniest TV series I have ever watched


Masterpiece. Vice Principals is good too .I don’t think Ferrell has matched anything since Anchorman .And they really shouldn’t have made a sequel. Blades of Glory was brilliant too . His cameo in Eastbound was superb .


No matter how many times I’ve seen Anchorman I’ll always end up rolling on the floor laughing, absolute classic, Ferrell is a genius.


Agree , should have been left alone as a film . It was impossible to improve on it . I liked Daddy’s Home .
As for Wahlberg, he should stick to comedy . Ted was another that shouldn’t have had a sequel .


I’m going to take that as a backhanded compliment Rochey, the alternative is too awful to contemplate :wink:


It was not meant as a compliment, more a statement of fact! I’ve had plenty of times wiping tears of laughter away, and spat tea/coffee over the laptop!


“The Vietnam War” on RTÉ is an amazing documentary. I’d be a war movie/doc buff and this is probably the best piece I’ve ever seen on any conflict. It’s been showing one episode a week up to now and is coming up to the finale. Anyone with a remote interest in the Vietnam war needs to watch this, or even an interest in 60s/70s America. The most chaotic period in US history,


Brilliant documentary


Trump doing his best to match the chaos.

That the one that was running inn more4 or one of those channels as well? Must check it on the player. I know almost nothing about that conflict (other then the movies)


Me neither - except that the average age of the combat soldier was nineteen and they really weren’t sure what was going on …


bbc4 was showing it


Is Channel 4’s web play back called 4Play?


Have it all ready to go but just need to find the time to watch it.


Foreplay - is that still 3 hours of begging?


■■■■ ya harry just ruined me 27" 4K iMac with coffee…