The Good TV Thread


Goodfellas . For the umpteenth time . Still great . On now .


“And that’s that!”


Yup- stuck to it like the first time I saw it .


One of my All time favorites


Great soundtrack


I’d go from rags to riches …

Didn’t need to hear any more .


Finished Narcos during the week.

Episode 9 in season 3 is unreal and the best episode in all 3 seasons by far.

Any other recommendations on Netflix?


Italian crime film - Suburra , and Spanish series Mar de Plastico - some good acting and some awful ham acting but the baddies are watcheable . Liked Smoke and Mirrors, another subtitle film thriller . I’ll refresh me memory later and post then .

Lot of people waiting for Gomorrah to return on Sky Atlantic, Spiral/Les Engranges on BBC 4. Read Roberto Savianos books on Gomorrah and Zero Zero Zero , had my eyes opened at the scale of criminal activity in Italy and elsewhere , crazy figures . Love Gomorrah - unrelentingly brutal and hard - as realistic as it gets , apparently , according to the ex policemen who comment on it . Montelbano it ain’t .

If you have not seen Spiral, not sure it’s on Netflix , well worth it ,

Monsieur Judge … ( catchphrase)


Up for the match !
Is this irony ?


Mr Mercedes is very good .I’m pleased they didn’t get Brendan Gleeson to put on a yank accent , the Irish slang is excellent in it :blush:


The Deuce

A look at life in New York City during the 1970s and '80s when porn and prostitution were rampant in Manhattan.

James Franco , Maggie Gyllenhaal .
Took an episode or two to get going but worth a watch if you like 70’s themed drama .


A very good, emotional documentary tonite on Axel Foley.


Enjoyed it , didnt know anything about him but it was a very good documentary.


The Meyerowitz Stories

Adam Sandler (no, really), is brilliant in it


Finished up Mr Mercedes , excellent stuff .Brendan Gleason brilliant in it , apparently Stephen King had him in mind when he wrote the novel .


From about 4:20, love Will Ferrell!

And then one where it’s hard to know where the comedy stops and the music begins (personally a song I love though!)


Very good :blush:


Watching this on Netflix

Great watch if your a fan of Jim Carrey. Fly on the wall doc with Carrey been himself , Andy Kaufman & Tony Clifton during the production of the Andy Kaufman biopic Man On The Moon .


We must be of the same ilk, been watching this on/off all night

Mad shit!


Great watch , I didn’t know anything about it but good old Netflix threw it up when I turned it on !