The Good TV Thread


That’s for another thread?


Definitely, would say he’s great craic for a pint but the impression of him as being a heroic figure was a little misplaced.

I’d also agree that it’s near impossible to believe anything in sport these days, especially athletics.


The whole thing is very odd. I still can’t work out why he agreed to take part in the experiment anyway. I don’t know what he stood to gain from it?! …. The documentary itself though is very good as it sets out to do something fairly straight forward and ends up taking a sinister turn…

Off the Ball had the documentary maker and subject of the film Bryan Fogel on for a 30 minute interview about 2 weeks ago, it’s very interesting to listen to that after you’ve watch the documentary.


Just finished off Twin Peaks .Without question one of the weirdest piece of television I’ve ever watched .But loved it all the same .Dont know what to make of the ending but hopefully they make another season .David Lynch is like some genius , weird magician .No idea how he comes up with half the shit he does .





Keeping on the topic of TV shows, Homers reaction mirrors mine to the Leftovers series especially the last season.


Really liked that too . I haven’t read the book so I dont know if the ending in that was the same as the series .


Theres a book! Hopefully theres a dummies guide too. In saying
all that I still enjoyed the series in the same way I enjoyed Mad Men.


Finished Narcos S3 . How many more sleeps …


Just watch episode 6 there. Brilliant stuff.

Chepe is one mad baxtard. The countdown scene in the salon in episode 3 was fantastic.


For the week that’s in it , I may well watch it again. Great stuff .


Re watching Toast of London , brilliant stuff .

Ray bloody Purchase :joy::joy:


I love only fools and horses. Id watch it all day long. One of the most enduring memories of the 80’s. I see this is been shown with a lost episode.


Watching season 2 now, near the end. The Karl Weathers character is gas.


GIt was brilliant.

Can’t wait for the box set.

Downloaded the soundtrack today - typical lynch theres two of them!


Season three is going to be on Netflix or something like that.

If you have Twitter the Stephen toast account is good, there is a ray purchase account too and lots of slagging, they are run by the show as well.


Yeah I follow both of them , brilliant :joy:


That guy did some stuff with the Peep Show guys years ago, Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place, off the wall funny.


Matt Berry.

He does music as well, in fact “take my hand” the theme from Toast of London is a great song, the video is sad and funny as well

interesting connection with the KLF posts i did in the nostalgia thread - matt berry is signed with acid jazz, who were involved in KLF’s ■■■■ the Millenium release (where they were called 2k)