The Good TV Thread


Watching now fucking brilliant!


I’d watch it before then in case you come across spoilers !

It was leaked by…themselves :sweat_smile:, some affiliate in Spain or Norway HBO made it available by mistake :sweat_smile:


The mash report. Unfunniest tv ever.


GoT - holy shit!
What a show!


All seems a bit rushed this season? Why did they shorten the season?


From what I’ve read they want to wrap it up , the writers that is .If HBO had their way they’d keep going & there are spinoffs in the pipeline.


There’s only going to be 7 books so should have only been 7 seasons. The last season obviously got too big for just 10 episodes so they split it so there wouldn’t be a big gap between season 6 and 7.

Oh and $$$$$$


Gotcha, just seems to be a serious change of pace - the last few seasons have crawled along and now it’s all shaping up for a big finale very quickly. Good to wrap it up at this stage but strangely i think i prefered less dragons and magic and more of the political backstabbing etc of the earlier seasons. Also the boob to dragon ratio is all off these days.


7 books techincally but even a few of them have been split in 2 due to the size.


A lot of shows are splitting their final season, think it was The Sopranos that started the trend.

This season it’s finally tying it all together and moving forward. Some of it seems rushed or out of place, irrational (in a world of dwarves and dragons…) but it’s good fun. Some great scenes so far, the episodes are getting better each week.


Anyone watch Ozark on Netflix?

Finished it over the weekend. Good storyline and good acting crew but found it quite slow to tell the story


Very good I thought .Sometimes slow burners are no harm . I feel at this stage Bateman can only act one way .Had you thrown this character into Arrested Development , bar a few jokes , he’d be no different .And I like him .


Watching Ozark yea, bit by bit, good but not something you’d binge watch. But go back to it when there’s nothing else much on.


now that was a show.


I like him aswell but he was the wrong actor imo for the role.

He is nearly as miscast as Vince Vaughan was in True Detective.


Spot on , terrible decision there . Though it would have been a push to replicate the first season .


Icarus on Netflix. About doping in sport. A brilliant if slightly depressing piece. Well worth a watch



Not sure about the narrative they present of the Russian being a heroic figure, he was quite happy to talk about and assist the guy dope.


The best.


He is a very likeable character now. Without giving away any spoilers he’s paid heavily for his involvement in Doping … Grigory that is!

Hard to believe any athletes any more after watching Icarus. Not in the IOC’s interests either to have stringent drug testing as they need their stars for the Olympic games.