The Good TV Thread


Daviniaros. The only sacred thing left is that she is still a ‘Timelord’.


Game of Thrones anyone? The hound is brilliant.


Thought opening episode was very good . They pretty much showed a little glimpse of every storyline in it .


Top quality TV without a doubt … Super opening episode alright


Let’s just say, I disagree!


Anyone watching the new series of Zoo? 1st episode wasn’t great but 2nd one was brilliant.


Season 3 of Fargo is excellent.


On the list. Going to try and watch in a block


Personally thought seasons 1 & 2 were better but season 3 gets good towards the end .


Anyone watching the new Twin Peaks ! Absolutely bat shit crazy . Lynch is back to his best here .


Just overdosing my way through Outrageous Fortune, the NZ version, great stuff.

Also Justified, first couple of episodes looked a bit limited, then it really took off, completely hooked now.


GOT was great again tonight - ■■■■ that jack sparrow lad for ruining a potential bit of dirt during the foreign invasion. :grin:


the phrase used was “two ex junkies” and it got approval from some posters on there who I would have thought a lot better of.

Back in reality, anyone watching Twin Peaks:The Return?


Looking forward to this.


GOT tonight, brilliant. Fecking brilliant.


It really was barbaric but amazing.


as strange as it is to say about a show with dragons, they never appear to have shied away from the ruthlessness and barbarism of war and the control powerful people have


Watched Icarus on Netflix. Good documentary based on Russian athlete doping scandals. Worth a look.


Episode 6 was leaked earlier today .
Its spectacular !


It actually happened? HBO need a new IT crowd.

I’ll try hold off until next Monday, it’s good to have something to look forward to at the start of the week.