The Good TV Thread


Jaysus the first picture of pigsy looks like Mickey dolenze out of the Monkees


I posted the theme tune in the theme tunes thread the other day.


Derry girls very funny.


New series Afterlife from Ricky Gervais is brilliant . Could be up there with some of his best work.


Just watched the first 3 episodes, it’s very good. Great dog in it too.




Just finished watching series 3 of man in the high castle , fook ,i want to watch series 4 NOW , but have to wait till later in year for new episodes,getting withdrawal symptoms.


I’ve finally started Game of Thrones, into season 2, why did I wait so long???


And you’ll have no long waits in between seasons. Enjoy. Top 3 TV shows for me


It’s always sunny in Philadelphia. Introduced to it recently by a colleague. Love it. Mad cap and DeVito just topped it off.


Just wait until the implication


Steals a few scenes alright !


Binge watched Series 1-4 just before Series 5 was released, had withdrawl symptoms waiting each week for the next episode…


I haven’t watched a series week by week since love/hate :joy: don’t think I’d be able to wait a week between episodes anymore, way too used to watching a whole series in a day on Netflix


Am up to season 9 now! Addictive!


Popular tune atm


Was crying laughing during that scene.
Could only happen to Partridge.


It was bucking frilliant.


‘to’ Partridge??


He nailed that scene. TV gold. Not sure how BBC let it go to air