The Good TV Thread



Brilliant series.


Yeah we have all seen it a 1000 times, still love this scene.



:musical_note:Elvis was a Cajun :musical_note:

“That’s fuckin blasphemy. Elvis wasn’t a Cajun”


Any one got any suggestions for watching Fargo Seasons 2 & 3 online, if you don’t have Netflix or Amazon Prime?


If you don’t want to download them they should be available on Dailymotion or similar.


Anyone else watched ’ the man in the high castle ’


Cheers for that.


Yep , can be slow at times but enjoyed it .


The missus said the same about meself last night :wink:



Not normally a fan of reboots be interesting to see how this turns out


Jayus , remember the program well .
Actually had a childhood holiday in Jersey in the late 80s.


Lived there for 9 months. had to come home or get new liver.


Having a drink in Jersey was not expensive!


I believe they are fairly strict though in their licensing - and do a lot of self policing (or part time stuff) - that the case?


Very strict when it came to people being gobshites in the bars.

I thought that was fair enough.


We should send our New Zealand trippers there.


Our New Zealand trippers wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes.