The Good TV Thread


Ralph Was a great character too


Tonight and the next two Fridays on BBC4. Might be worth watching.


Watched the Katie Taylor doc/film on RTE last night, really enjoyed it. Gave a great insight in to her with lots of access. I was surprised she discussed the break down of her relationship with her father in it but full credit to her she didn’t shy away from it or the impact it’s had on her.

If you haven’t seen it I’d highly recommend it.


Watching the new series of True Detective - decent opening 2 episodes


Yeah , closer in style and atmosphere to season 1 ( which was excellent). Crimson river on c4 or more 4 I can t remember on fri is worth a look. 8 part series based on the film of the same name.


Yes, a great show on one of if not our greatest ever sportsperson. Brilliant insight


Who was the “resser” who abused her on here (or a previous version of ressers) for hugging Barry McGuigan after she won Olympic Gold in 2012?


Don’t remember that…


I always admired her for her achievements but for some reason never fully ‘took to her’, think it was just her personality and my own personal discomfort with all the “Prayers to Jesus” stuff. But after watching it last night I feel different. I still find the level of faith slightly odd but each to their own, however she does just seem like a really nice and quiet individual who is insanely driven. She even mentions in the doc about needing to improve socially as she finds it hard to chat to people when she’s out and about.




Wow, looks like him and all. Cant wait for this.


I only started watching the Sopranos last night. 2 episodes in, enjoyable so far.

Feels weird watching Gandolfini knowing he’s dead, even more so that he keeps collapsing in the first 2 episodes!


I’m delighted let’s hope he can act now. Im Watching sopranoes back and there are loads of things they can cover it this, people like Chris’s dad, the old bling assassins in Boston and Bobby Baccalieri senior to name a few.


Bobby Baccalieri senior played by Burt Young. Fantastic actor. Better known as Paulie. Man I can’t wait for this.


The very one, a complete psycho in his day.


Tuned in to rte 2 for Beavers behaving badly . Disappointed to say the least .




Was it not something to get your teeth into?


Chewing scenary the lot of them.


Sounds great, love to see the beaver flaps in the watery surrounds.