The Good TV Thread


Won t top his performance in Con air , a masterclass.


Not a fan of this casting at all. Methinks we’ll be too busy watching him being just another version of himself to be believable as a fat, prissy Belgian. David Suchet will be very hard to match, never mind beat.


Was excellent in his Billions cameo recently


At last! Somebody else has watched it :grin:


Great show!


It is. And JM was class. Wags steals the show though, nearly every time


Defo - Great character…long way from Gale Bedecker (Breaking Bad)…


I’m only throwing here coz it’s Denis …


We can’t have this stuff on here! That’s an ash plant across the legs for Dub09!


If they asked anyone other than a Dub they’d have to rename the show Dancing with the Also Rans … unless it was Rory Beggan …


Dancing with the Allsoran Stars? It’s a bit of a leap of faith from Denis, who’s best ever dancing moves were a back flip, and a traditional ‘stomp’ move he once did with a now forgotten dancing partner called Donaghy.
Not necessarily in that order.


Home Alone on Channel 4 at 16:50 :clap: