The Good TV Thread


Won t top his performance in Con air , a masterclass.


Not a fan of this casting at all. Methinks we’ll be too busy watching him being just another version of himself to be believable as a fat, prissy Belgian. David Suchet will be very hard to match, never mind beat.


Was excellent in his Billions cameo recently


At last! Somebody else has watched it :grin:


Great show!


It is. And JM was class. Wags steals the show though, nearly every time


Defo - Great character…long way from Gale Bedecker (Breaking Bad)…


I’m only throwing here coz it’s Denis …


We can’t have this stuff on here! That’s an ash plant across the legs for Dub09!


If they asked anyone other than a Dub they’d have to rename the show Dancing with the Also Rans … unless it was Rory Beggan …


Dancing with the Allsoran Stars? It’s a bit of a leap of faith from Denis, who’s best ever dancing moves were a back flip, and a traditional ‘stomp’ move he once did with a now forgotten dancing partner called Donaghy.
Not necessarily in that order.


Home Alone on Channel 4 at 16:50 :clap:


When the Simpsons was at it’s peak


20 years on from the when The Sopranos first premiered. Best TV show of all time for me. Paved the way for HBO and a lot of what they did after


There’s a movie coming out as a sort of prequel to it as well based in the 60s so we will see Tony’s dad and the likes and a young Tony. Probably won’t be out until 2020 at the earliest but written by David Chase so should hopefully have the same high standards attached


Yea I read about that. “The Many Saints of Newark” it’s to be called apparently. Looking forward to seeing it. There’s huge scope there, more than enough for another TV series too. Especially since most of Tony’s henchmen were older guys and were also his dads main men. Should see a young Paulie and Sylvio in it too. They’d want to be careful with it though. Chase has always said he’d never revisit The Sopranos for fear of meddling too much with it. Hopefully it lives up to the billing.


I think he can do it successfully. Those characters are so good there’s tons of scope to go into more detail in their back story and keep true to their character later in life. Paulie Walnuts was a brilliant character, the seance was the best scene with him in it I still laugh at it.


Paulie was my favourite character. That episode where him and Christopher are in the woods looking for the Russian is comedy gold.




Though I love this. Just love this, personifies the madness of Paulie.