The Good TV Thread


A Spanish sailor .
How do you know it wasn’t a Pakistani postman


Where did you learn to do that ? Let go! Where ? In a Boook will ye let go!


Yep. But he had to listen to the whole of Show Me the Way to Amarillo!


Get outta me way ye dozy bollix




The Haunting of Hill House is excellent . You’ve probably seen the story hundreds of times but there are some scenes which are generally creepy .Direction very good too .


Watched one episode so far. Creepy enough.

Apparently in America there were reports of people fainting watching it as it was so scary :joy:


There was one scene further into it which was chilling . Never seen anything like it before in any horror genre . One of those wtf moments , very well done .


What station or service is it on?


I was going to watch it but I was too afraid.






If you watched Dublin in the noughties, nothing else could be as terrifying.


The Irish team under O’Neill and Keane​:scream: :scream:


Pop Goes Northern Ireland at 10 on BBC2 - 1990 tonight


Should that not be in the Brexit thread?


Interesting although he’ll apparently have an English accent which is a bit odd


He must have got tired of being John Malkovich …


Very good!!!


Interesting. His speaking voice in anything I’ve heard him in would be easily adapted to an old-school well-spoken English accent but Poirot is Belgian-French! :scream: