The Good TV Thread


Love the red heads.


That Laura Whitmore loves herself. She’d give Matt Cooper a run in that she always wants The Last Word.


Next segment should be interesting… Judging by the audience reaction to the Farage announcement!


Fùck off Farage you ignorant prick


Alistair Campbell for all his faults on other matters is taking apart the Brexiteers excellently


And take Liam Halligan with you.


Had to turn it off Farage and Halligan are tempting me to put my foot through the screen


Farage is lucky this is in London otherwise there’d probably be a mob waiting outside for him


Yer wan : We’re in a room full of immigrants

Farage: Where from ?

Thick cùnt

“I don’t consider them immigrants” :roll_eyes:


Right out of the Nick Griffin School of Geography.


The snapper on virgin tv never ever tire of that film. Ya had to look straight at them…da arabs… Straight at them


Always cracks me up the way you see Dessie driving to the Rotunda

You see him turning right and going down by the Clonliffe House, back up the North Strand towards Fairview but then comes down by Busaras, across the river to the Southisde and the comes up O’Connell St.



Same pub has a photo of the 95 team in the window. Still the snapper



Absolutely belting lines in it

It’s an awful shock to be married for 25 years and suddenly discovering your husbands a prick :grin:


And the follow up…

You’ll be waiting a long time before ya get a bit of gratitude in this house


“I hope you enjoyed yourself getting into that state”

“And you gobshite you can clean them up when your finished”


Georgie burgess AKA pat mustard who was played by the great pat laffan ,2 of the most understated comic characters ever on irish TV ??
Anyone remember- without googling it - what stanley kubrick film he was in ??


Barry Lyndon ?


I suppose a ride is outta the question?
Yeah when I’m finished this line
Serious? Yer not messing?
I’ll brush me teeth
That would be nice

Still break me bollick at it.