The Good TV Thread


The best Grandstand footage is of Des Lynam with the fight breaking out behind him in studio… An April Fool’s prank.


I d say the best grandstand footage is where frank bough is visiting that s&m dungeon he frequented. To think he was doing coke as well , frank bough ffs.


Unique at the BBC in that involved consenting adults, no children involved.
Jimmy Saville must be turning in his grave.


Watched it all on my flight over the weekend. Very good series


Anyone watching the RTÉ series on the Great Lighthouses of Ireland?

Fantastic programme and well worth the watch.


I’d say it’s illuminating!


Have both taped & looking forward to watching them


I won’t tell you what happened then


Stayed at Galley Head once, fantastic place!


Seriously though, I’d be sacked if I ever worked in one, I wouldn’t be able to resist doing the bat signal!



Sorry. Not sure where this goes. GAA championship draw on RTE2 now.


Try the

GAA Championship 2019 thread?!

Now - back to TV. Anyone see Amy Huberperson thing last night?


Only in my dreams.

Rawrrrrrr :wink:


I notice a big divide on Twitter.

Luvvies and lick arses - brilliant show.
Envious and realists - pile of shite …


Yeah thought it was sh1te tbh

Will give the next episode a go though :kissing_heart:


I wonder why she got her own show like that.


I think she’s a brutal actress.


Happened upon the late late show from London tonight. Finbarr and Imelda singing sweet 16. Hairs. Neck. Erect. Look it up!


Angela Scanlon and Laura Whitmore looking well on the Late Late :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Nothing beats a great looking red head IMO