The Good TV Thread


Now THIS is gonna be a hell of a drug show. :smiley:


Thats class :grin:


Anyone else watching ‘The Bodyguard’ on BBC - decent 1st 2 episodes


Excellent so far although I find him hard to warm to, he seems to do a lot of clenched cheekbones acting.


A ringer for Tucker Jenkins when he started in Eastenders.


Interesting and sad story about the original Mark Fowler


jaysus, just read the wiki on him this morning. Hounded by the press and mental health issues. The media in UK are really an insidious lot. Still his stance on not wanting to play a racist character was admirable.


The was one “Bloody” episode last night :grinning:

Good series but agree with @Harrys_Tiles about the guy.


Bodyguard is very good, bit of the Manchurian candidate thing about the plot.


Is he the new young lad playing for Dublin?


Anyone watching Tom Clancys Jack Ryan?


Have it saved .Will watch at some stage .
Any good ?


Yes. Very good.


Philly McMahon is on the late late show tonight.

He’s part of a panel discussing issues affecting people in their 20’s and 30’s. Stephanie Preissner and John Connors are the other panel members.

Philly always comes across very genuine when he’s interviewed.


Got the buuke. Good read so far.


Jack Ryan Savage tv


Finished it off at the weekend .
Pleasantly surprised , hopefully a second season on the way .


This could be good.


Harrowing yet compelling television on BBC2 right now.

Troubles: The Life Aftee.


One of the greatest sports theme tunes of all time