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On episode 6 of designated survivor. Started off very well, but its starting to get cringey, very cringey. While unlikely the start was believable. The stuff that us happening now you are just thinking, ‘Get the fook out of here’


I’ve started watching this too (with the wife).
Well presented, good acting, some decent conniving, overall has potential…

Occasionally slips into being a bit soap-ish (maybe that is so that there is something for him and her), but has enough about it to keep me watching for a season and take it from there.



Enjoyed this documentary, worth checking out.


This is Christy was very enjoyable. Typical earthy likeable Dub. Though one of my main Aslan memories was them playing Crazy World at half time in the 2012 League Final when we blew an 8 point lead. Crazy world is right …


Don’t you mean 2011 :wink:


Sure did - feckin always get that wrong. Remember coming out thinking would we ever win a National title again and 5 months later … :cherries:


Great piece of TV tonight.


My hands down favourite Mayo conspiracy theory (and God knows they have enough of them) of all time, was from a poster on the Mayo GAA blog. (Where else? )

This tulip referenced Aslan being the warm up act before the 2015 semi final replay. She said that Aslan being a Dublin band, gave us yet another unfair advantage. As if Christy was the one scoring all our goals, all on his Sweeney Todd.

I mean seriously like…you couldn’t make it up !


give that type of fan access to social media is the equivalent Donald trump on twitter. They are off their fecking chomp.


Social media…SHYTE!


I turned on RTE1 at 6.35 with my popcorn and soft drink, waiting for the appearance of a man in a dark anorak slouched over a computer dishing out insults, advice and observations while drawing wrath, disgust and admiration in equal measure.

But it turns out The Lone Ranger is a cowboy. Who knew …


Thats how you celebrated winning 7 Leinsters in a row??


That was Saturday!

I watched Dirty Dancing yesterday …and I had the time of my life …


You sure know how to live!


Watched Grease, its the word…


Exfoliate! Exfoliate!

– Tweet re new Dr Who.


Once they allowed female Daleks it was only a matter of time …


Dr Whore?