The Good TV Thread


Boy George episode of “Who do you think you are” was a great watch. Interesting learning of his strong Irish roots and his families ties to the republican movement even more so.


Succession is very good with Brian Cox.
Bit like The Royal Tenenbaums but centred around a global media family .


Coming towards the end of Occupied on Netflix. Absolutely top notch series would highly recommend it


John Hume in America RTÉ last night may still be on the player. Very enjoyable watch, he was a remarkable man.

Band of Brothers is showing again on Sky Atlantic starting at 9pm. Definitely one to record and for anyone who hasn’t seen it don’t miss it!


One of if not the greatest Irishmen of the 2nd half of the 20th Century


As a proud Irish republican I 100% agree


You Ballymun boys aren’t so bad after all…

Have to say I missed the show even though I saw it advertised.


Great man … but it all cost the SDLP dearly … wrongly.


Bill Clinton said in the programme that he believed John Hume knew from the start he was working to create a political environment where his own party could not survive. He set out his vision for peace in Ireland in the late 60s, took nearly 30 years of a war and everything that brought for everyone else to catch on.


I often wonder if he knew that at the time. An even greater man if he did, to knowingly sign his own (political) death warrant.


I’d say a lot of SDLP members would reckon that it was a price worth paying.


Good people so


Posted my previous reply before reading this.
Hume is the epitome of what a politician should be. He puts the welfare and wellbeing of his country’s people (regardless of their religious, political or ethnical background) before any ideology that he or his party stand for, never mind any personal power or gains he may have hoped to have made.
Compare this to the political sabre-rattling currently going on between the UK Government and the EU.
The absence of principled people (such as Hume) leads to the election of egomaniacs such as Trump and Boris Johnson.


Unfortunately politics is self-perpetuating … On any rational level there are not many people who will do something that will likely cost them their job


It wasn’t necessarily so that the SDLP would not have developed in a peaceful environment. It didn’t happen for them because they went with the wrong policies and the wrong people. There is an argument too that peace could have happened sooner without them. The SDLP always gave Unionists (and the Southern government unfortunately) hope that a settlement could be reached that would be very far short of nationalist demands.

It was the Humes / Adam’s talks that led to the initial breakthough on a peace process. Not the Humes talks. Also, Humes was blocked at every attempt by his own SDLP members. This was remembered by the nationalist electorate in the post ceasefire elections. Seamus Mallon was a huge obstacle to significant progress during this period.

It is an anachronism really that the SDLP were even a nationalist party. They were a slightly greener version of the Alliance Party. They got the nationalist vote because naturally people found it hard to vote for a party that was pro violent struggle and lead to difficulties. When this obstacle was removed, the votes went where they were always going to.

I have no great time for the SDLP. Hume as a leader had more courage then most, but the rest of his party achieved nothing, ever. The Unionists ran rings around them since their inception.

Hume was rightfully rewarded for his work by big electoral successes in his own constituency. The SDLP were rightfully rewarded for their work by their complete failure subsequently.


It is strange that a party lead by a man held in such regards collapsed as it did. I read somewhere before that after Hume opened talks with Adams, that the lines became blurred between SF and the SDLP. Ultimately nationalist people went with the party they knew wouldn’t bend to unionist ideals or demands. As mentioned in the programme, Humes true importance may only be recorded properly as time passes and generations look back at the conflict from afar.


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