The Good TV Thread


Enjoyed that . Very humble bloke .
Has to score a hatrick on Saturday to best Rushs record ,:hushed:


Lad in work had a dream Liverpool win 5-2.
it’s 150-1. :smiley:


How much did the tooth fairy leave him?

Lump on 1-0 with Harry Kane to get the winner. He may not even be there but he’ll sure as fcuk claim it.


I’m a Liverpool fan myself but didn’t watch the Mo Salah documentary last night. Sure he’s been a revelation this season and played well beyond what anyone expected of him.

But FFS he’s had one outstanding season and we’re making documentaries about him, way over the top in my opinion.

Secretly wondering was the documentary good?!


Could be worse, Wayne Rooney wrote* his autobiography aged 20

*. coloured in


He went outside the lines too often for me.


Someone mentioned it to me yesterday in work so have it recorded and hope to get to watch it this evening.


Watching it at the moment. Decent enough show. @HawkEye, he has had one outstanding season breaking all sorts of records and winning a load of awards. Let him have his time, he could be in Barcelona next season :wink:

Yea thought the first episode was decent. Not great to watch when your trying to give up the fags and cut down on the gargle though! Good job I’m off the narcs a good while now


Was thinking that myself. I’m a United fan and no doubt he’s had a magnificent season but that’s all it has been a season. Hearing talk of people putting him in the same category as Ronaldo and Messi is over the top at the moment IMO. If he’s keeps going like this however on a consistent basis over the coming years then there’s is without a doubt justification for putting him in that category but not just yet.


Is he as good as Beggan or McManus …


I think hes worthy of a doc , considering the impact hes had not only with liverpool & on world football this year . Not many egyptians are in contention for the Ballon Dor .


Yeah I agree (jaysus I’m agreeing with a United fan! :grinning:) … no doubt this season he has been as good and at some stages even better than Ronaldo and Messi but those boys have done it consistently for 10 years…

Either way, the documentary just seems really premature and unnecessary at this stage…


Anyone who doesn’t agree that the Egyptian has had a wonderful season in denial. :wink:


That’s a fair-oh-l pun


But the champions league final is on Saturday, and he is a major part of why Liverpool are in the final, so the timing is perfect…


why can we not have a :point_down: button for this kind of effort?


Giz-a break.


It was okay. Not a massive amount of insight really. Did focus on his home background and his iconic status in Egypt.

A good career story so far for him. Was very good in Italy without being amazing. Constant theme last night was that Liverpool and Klopps style of play really suits Salah. Hats off to Klopp for buying him when he wasn’t in demand.

Took about 10 years of Keane and Vieira kicking the sh.t out of each other before they got a documentary made about them. So maybe a documentary on Salah is a bit premature as people are suggesting!


Did Mane get one too?


Have no idea.

All I’m aware of is the Egyptians getting it on account of the World Cup. Don’t know if the same goes for the Senegalese