The Good TV Thread


Loved the film & would watch it alone for Matt Berry


Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? fan made apparently, still… are we there yet?


Enjoying the Seniors Snooker final. When does the World Championship start?


Watching the Blues Sisters, missed it the first time it was on. Have to say great TV so far


Very good documentary. That team has been through the ringer. A bit like mayo dare I say.




Sky One tonight…
Forrest Gump.
I’ll never tire of watching it.
One of the best non-original soundtracks ever, to boot.


Only seen it the once


Yeah it’s a great movie that one watch over and over. Fir what’s it worth…Best song is Buffalo Springfield. :grin:


Ok had a trip down memory lane in Cobra Kai and really enjoyed it. A red YouTube tv production. Wax on… ■■■■ off.


Silicon Valley , any good ?


Depends who’s it is.


Just finished watching a show called “The Eighties” on Sky Arts channel. Focused on the culture of greed in the US - especially in Wall Street - and the dodgy dealings that went with it.


Just watching it . Pleasantly surprised . Its really good . Great spin on the first movie .


That ‘Innocent’ was a good show. Some nice unexpected twists


The first episode of Patrick Melrose, starring whatshisface Cumberbatch, was pretty good.


One for you Liverpool fans, @Harrys_Tiles, @TheParish, @Harper… C4 in 10 minutes, a documentary on Mo Salah.


Cheers @beeko didn’t know about that…


Have it recording