The Good TV Thread


Recommend for everyone to watch Westworld. It’s a sci-fi/western HBO show, episode 7 aired last night. It’s absolutely brilliant.



Currently watching all of the below
Walking Dead - Un fookin real!
Westworld - Just watch an episode if I have an hour here or there, fairly decent show. Good bit of nudity which is always a bonus
I’m a celebrity - Watch it every year, but gets more boring each year
Geordie Shore - Love Scotty but just watch it for the cringe factor
Masterchef Australia - More the misses than me, but is a good show, format way better than all the other ones
The Affair - Just recorded season 3 episode 1 last night, havent watched it yet, but s 1 & 2 were good
Gomorrah - Only watched the first episode which was very good, but havent had time to watch anymore
Tried to watch the Young Pope, but didnt get into it
Just finished The Night of. Good show too. John Turturro is brilliant in it
My problem trying to watch all of these is trying to watch sports too, I’ve no time for meself :grin:


I’m looking forward to this.


I’m only 3 episodes in (of 6) but Planet Earth II is absolutely brilliant.
I read somewhere that more ‘young’ people watched it than watched XFactor (assume they were on at the same time), which is great going.


Anybody here watch Britain’s Greatest Hoaxer just now on C4? If you can watch it on playiback, I’d recommend it.


Only getting around to watching Peaky Blinders now. Very good show. Cillian Murphy is fantastic in it.


Only seen a handful of episodes, never in sequence. From what I’ve seen, it’s something I’d love to watch from the start.


Just watched the first half of the one where he went on BGT, very good. Will be watching more


The guy’s a genius. Far removed from his on-stage, stand-up personality. He’s actually a qualified doctor, I believe.

His stunt of barn-storming Blatter at a FIFA press-conference wasn’t really included. I loved how he also posed with the England 2014 World Cup squad on the tarmac of the airport before they departed for God-knows-how-long before being copped.


NatGeo showed LA 92 -The Riots two weeks back, probably will repeat it but they are showing it online for a short period of time. Great 2 hour doc, some unpleasant scenes but tells the story of the Rodney King beating and aftermath. Well worth a watch Edit… can’t view online in Ireland. It is available on demand though on Sky.


A&E also did something similar which I think was so much better than the NatGeo programme (which in itself was excellent).


Thanks for the A&E doc heads up dcr22B. Hadnt heard of that network. Nice one


The programme is called L.A. Burning - The Riots 25 Year Later


Watched the first 2 episodes of Jamestown. Have to say I’m really impressed. Set up nicely to be a great series.
I’d recommend it if anyone is looking for something to watch.
Anyone else watching it?


It’s on the list watching better call Saul excellent!


Big Little Lies is a decent watch.


Ya big jessie! Nice eye candy all the same

The new prison break is some load of manure. Still watching it, but constantly saying FFS. Why have they all got the Batman voice going on???

Little boy blue is excellent, a hard watch, but a must


Thats why it is a decent watch!

Designated survivor is another good one


Have to say I’m enjoying designated survivor.