The Good TV Thread


Watched the first episode of this and really enjoyed it


Billions just gets better and better. Mum will eventually go down as one of those hidden classics.


The Rachel Divide on Netflix



Mr Mercedes with Brendan Gleeson is quite good. Albeit typecast Gleeson by numbers stuff


Who Wants to be a Millionaite back for a week … hmmm yes … possibly.

Clarkson presenting??? I will in me bo**ox …


Just watching pointless. Question was name a country that did nt contain the letters w o r l d. These 2 women offered the Ganges ( the fuckin Ganges) and Alaska. Even the host normally very sympathetic wanted to shout at them.


They must be on the fcukin gange …


:joy: Just saw that. How ‘on earth’ can people be so geographically ignorant?


FFS… Cry me a river.


Ha but come on the Ganges a country! Sure they have nt been in a World Cup or have they?


WTF?? Before the second half of season 8 started I watched it from the start all the way through again. Around season 4/5 and the start of 6 were just OK, but still very good. Since Negan has come into it I am loving it more than ever. He is such a good actor, way better than Rick the pr1ck. I agree there are some stupid moments, like when they are all standing beside each other in a massive shootout and somehow none of the main characters get shot! It’s still a brilliant watch though.
Why would they keep him alive, it’s like Austin powers taking the piss out of the bond movies. He’s bound to escape in season 9 and come back for revenge!


He’s a great character . That opening scene in the season opener was shocking .


yeah he is a good actor, but ffs, how many times does it take to kill the cúnt? I’d like to see him brown bread. At this stage now its getting repetitive… I want to see more world war Z than some ponce with a stick mouthing out of him and trying to Iron peoples faces. But in fairness the cliffhanger was good and its as given me hope for series 9.

On the other FTWD is getting better. I have a serious thing for Kim Dickens.


Google the comic , I’d say your answer is in there :wink:


Just watched this, very good alright


He was on Have I Got News For You last Friday.


Anyone watched expanse on netflix? took a bit of getting used to but enjoying it now, the special effects are pretty good for TV show.


Its a bit slow for my liking but i may return to it at some stage .


Found the audio quality really hard to deal with in the first episode, the characters were all muttering so you’d turn the TV up and them there’s be a massive explosion that’d deafen you.


Yeah . If you have the patience I’d say its worth sticking with . I like Thomas Jane .